Celebrating 3000 Followers On WordPress

I'M BLESSED TO HAVE YOU GUYS! It's a day worth celebrating as the number of my followers sluggishly surpassed 3000. Sometimes, it looks as if such a minestrone can never happen. To my surprise it has happened. I have been here for more than 3 years, up's and down, irregularities, weakness and more strong and … Continue reading Celebrating 3000 Followers On WordPress


A POOR AFRICAN CHILD WILL BE UNDERGOING A SURGERY. SUPPORT HIS HOSPITAL BILL: ($10,000) It's urgent... DONATE...SHOW HIM SOME LOVE💌💌♥️💙 Please, No amount is too small. Pay with the following USD Account Details: Name:Ogazie Michael Chukwuemeka Bank Name:First Bank: Account No: 2041388907 Swift Code:FBNINGLA A POOR AFRICAN CHILD WILL BE UNDERGOING A SURGERY. SUPPORT HIS … Continue reading DO NO SKIP!

TESTIMONY: Shock in Nasarawa community as deceased man walks out of casket at point of burial

Heaven is real guys! I just feel like to share with you. A trending story, By Linus Oota, Lafia On Sep 17, 2022 (The Nation) The Gidan Angalu community in Toto Local Government Area, Nasarawa State was thrown into shock penultimate Tuesday with the ‘resurrection’ of a native doctor at the point of burial two … Continue reading TESTIMONY: Shock in Nasarawa community as deceased man walks out of casket at point of burial

What is life?

You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14). Living knowing that your life is a vapor is different than just living... The picture above, will tell us more...Every other things are covered by our … Continue reading What is life?

Charity Mind!

There are lots of blessings for helping the people in there bad conditions, especially the less privileges. It's a work that you can find joy within yourself each time you help the poor. I have limited time due to my business and other church engagements, but I must do my best to do something that … Continue reading Charity Mind!

Friends Please Support Mic CHARITY

Mic CHARITY❤️Donate a $10 or more to save children from hunger and disease in Africa. USD Account Name: Ogazie Michael ChukwuemekaBank Name: First Bank: Account No: 2041388907 Swift Code: FBNINGLA You can assist also by sharing... (Caring is our watchword)

TRENDING! Groom’s Mother Discovered That The Bride Is Her Biological Daughter Who Had Been Missing For 20 Years

However, another concern was raised: if the bride is the biological daughter of the groom’s mother, they cannot marry each other as they are siblings. But soon after, the groom’s mother revealed another interesting twist that the marriage can be carried on because READ MORE>>> https://expect.ng/2021/06/24/trending-grooms-mother-discovered-that-the-bride-is-her-biological-daughter-who-had-been-missing-for-20-years/ SUPPORT OUR TV PROJECT michaelogazie@gmail.com

It’s Michael Ogazie’s Birthday:

We the entire team of this wonderful platform felicitates with Michael Chukwuemeka Ogazie (founder of micbloggy) on his birthday. Michael Ogazie is an evangelist, blogger, professional political scientist base in United Arab Emirates. Congratulations!It’s Michael Ogazie’s Birthday:

Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:

Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:By Paul Paulinus. Marital Courtship simply means is an act or period of relating or understanding the character or attitude of an engaged brother and sister who has agreed to marry or betrothed each other; after an introduction and endorsement of both family members or background. It […]Principles … Continue reading Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:

Are You a Passive Participant in your Life?


Dear Readers, 

By now you should be familiar with who I am and what I do. Recently, I posted my welcome video to Conversations with J. R. Floyd, my latest project on my YouTube channel, decided to issues that impact our intimate relationships and explore problems that destroy families. This month ( July 2020)  I am celebrating my 2nd anniversary for my  YouTube channel, and my path to healing years of emotional and spiritual brokenness. At the beginning of 2020, I asked my viewers, readers, bloggers, and supporters to join me in this year’s Theme of writing letters to self. This idea came to me while I was penning my third book, 90 Days of Reflection, Discovery and Renewal. During my journey of journaling for 90 days, I discovered that there were areas of my life that I thought that I had healed, but certain events in my life brought…

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I remember your love and kindness almost every day, especially when you like my posts, come and share but no appreciation from me. We will start again by the grace of God and then you hear my stories and Testimony of what this WONDERFUL AND BIG GOD HAS DONE.THANKS!MICBLOGGY


One of the brain behind the internet that everyone is using today researched on the existence of God using the super computers: "Our descendants will not need the computer around them because they will be the computer." I envision our descendants as super-intelligent cyborgs and genius computer programmers. In a millennium, a story teller might … Continue reading IS THERE A GOD? A RESEARCH BY CYBORG USING THE SUPPER COMPUTER


WHAT IS THE MEANING OF HALLOWEEN? Halloween is another religious and pleasurable way of celebrating images, witches and spiritual sacrifices for an event. “Halloween is a popular American holiday for children and adults. It is celebrated on October 31st every year. Children dress up in costumes and go after dark house to house, knock on … Continue reading SHOULD CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN? TESTIMONY OF AN EX- SATANIST:



A writer's touch

I was on a journey yesterday, and in the course of that journey, the Lord directed my spirit to study the book of Hebrews. I read through from chapter one through to chapter 5. But I spent a great deal of time meditating on

Hebrews 4:13-16:

4:14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.
4:15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet was without sin.
4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

The Holy spirit made me understand so many things from this verse…

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What You Should Know About Shisha:

Shisha as it is popularly known, can also be called hookah, water pipe, narghile, argileh or goza. It was invented in the 16th Century by a physician called Hakim Ability Father Gilani whose intention was to purify the smoke. READ MORE:

5 Natural Medicine, Foods Or Spices That Can Boost Your Immune System:

Nature has given a lot of natural solutions to our health related problems. Although, we sometimes misuse or underuse them. Here are five common food or Spices that can be found almost everywhere in the world for your good immune system. Spinach: Popularly known as efo in most part of Nigeria, it is one of … Continue reading 5 Natural Medicine, Foods Or Spices That Can Boost Your Immune System:

Rejoice In The Day


Awaken by a flash, a Light.
An array of Sunshine.
The beginning of New Day,
Mind at Ease.
Forever Thankful,
Ears to Hear.
Embracing the sound of eager voices,
Children ready for School.
Walking, Talking,
Sounds of laughter filling the Air.
In Celebration this Day.
A day never lived, nor seen Before.
Gratefully, looking Ahead.
Trusting, giving thanks to the Lord.
Rejoicing in this Day.


Google Image from Bibile.com

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I Love You Wholeheartedly:

I must use this medium to thank all my friends from around the world for your support on my new site: MicBloggy... keep following, Liking, Commenting and Sharing! I love you all!! This is Amazing... Subscribe To My YouTube Channel God bless.


GHOSTED! Have you ever been in that state where your emotions were raised and all of a sudden the person cuts all communication and you can’t reach them? Ghosting is always painful because it leaves you feeling so angry and in a lot of pains. When you are ghosted you begin to wonder what you … Continue reading GHOSTED!

Xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa:

Xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa: Some parts of South Africa is burning. The perennial attacks on vulnerable foreigners and foreign owned Businesses has started again. The issues involved are deeper than xenophobia. South Africa is the most unequal society in the world. Sadly, they have working population which are not conditioned to compete … Continue reading Xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa:

Grateful Heart:

Grateful Heart: Oh That great Jehovah, Awesome God, His excellency the wonder working God; We Honor you more than Presidents, Kings and Queens. Thanks for your cares even when we don’t deserve them. You kept us alive and healthy throughout last month. Your Power, love, grace and mercy have ushered us into another new month … Continue reading Grateful Heart:

Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye:

Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye: This is any form of sexual contact with a child by an adult or use of a child as a sex object. In Nigerian context, a child is anyone less than 18 years. It is of public health importance with neurobiological, developmental, and psychiatric complications. … Continue reading Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye:

Representing Nigeria in the World blog Ranking and Liebster Award Nomination:

Representing Nigeria in the World Blog Ranking and Liebster Award Nomination: I have been nominated again for.... blogger award. I have got several blog award nominations but this is the fifth award I have participated. This time, I was nominated by Nishth Shukla, a Chartered accountant and a talented blogger. You can check out for … Continue reading Representing Nigeria in the World blog Ranking and Liebster Award Nomination:

Finding Hope – When Everything Seems Hopeless — Sheqoz.com

When you're difficult situation, remember the disciples of Jesus out in the storm. They witnessed multiple miracles right after they hit rock bottom. The same is true with life, the stars are always shinning but you don't see them until night time. 31 more words via Finding Hope – When Everything Seems Hopeless — Sheqoz.com