It’s My Birthday (31-07-2022)

I thank God that I’m alive to witness another birthday in good health. God’s mercy and love has done this, and I’m so grateful to have Jesus Christ as Lord.

Also, I am using this day to think, pray, and sober reflection in every area of my life. The charity movement is still in progress.

The project we have at hand, giving us sleepless nights is that of a woman with breast cancer. She will be under going for breast cancer surgery. The cancer develop because she has no helper. Her husband died last year. We just met her, though, when the condition is horrible.

The Medical Oncologist here in Federal Medical Center, Owerri Imo State. suggested that the only solution is to cut of her breast, and guys to embark on this surgery the bill is $3000. We are doing our best to help out, to the glory of God.

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She has already called her account No. but if you are donating in Dollars, Please Use the Account details below:

USD Account Name:
Ogazie Michael Chukwuemeka

Bank Name: First Bank:

Account No: 2041388907

Swift Code: FBNINGLA

55 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday (31-07-2022)

  1. LAMarcom says:

    Happy Happy Happy ‘Belated’ B’Day
    My Birthday present to you:

    I am now following your blog
    (Not that I am ABOUT anything, but I like your blog and I respect your opinions)

    I ‘Follow’

    There ya go!
    Happy B’Day Friend.

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      • LAMarcom says:

        Full Disclosure Friend MICHAEL,

        I am an atheist, but I do respect people of Faith
        What choice do I have?
        I grew up / live in Texas.

        If you ever have time, or the want-to,
        Please Check out my post entitled:

        I Thank you in advance.


        I am not supposed to drop ‘links’ anymore (Been Chastised for that)
        Please do not hate me for breaking my own recent rule

        I just wanted to ensure you could find this post; I think it apropos,,,


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  2. Mthobisi Magagula says:

    Happy Birthday MichaelπŸ™. I pray the project you are working on that is giving you hawk eyes becomes a success, the issue of cancer is a serious one since that person only has limited amounts of time to liveπŸ’―

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