Beauty And Character: Which Is More Important?

Beauty and character, what is more important? The battle keeps going on and on.

People all over the world keep arguing and a lot of people are really confused.

I know we all want a partner we can easily show off but at the same time we all deserve some peace of mind.

Beauty and character is needed in every relationship but the truth is beauty will always fade, accidents happen and people lose some parts of their body what happens at that point if initially you loved that person because of some physical features.

Beauty is important but beauty can always be enhanced. Everyone has the potential to be more beautiful, some people are looking that way because they are still broke when these same set of people are rich you will be surprised that they are actually good looking. READ MORE:

18 thoughts on “BEAUTY OR CHARACTER

  1. paulguisbournehiltonalifeworthgiving says:

    I am a great believer in the principle of character and virtues as opposed to beauty.
    Beauty can be made, how many times do we see pictures of beautiful people first thing in the morning without any make up or anything would we look at them in the same way again, whereas character can’t be faked or made up or anything because character shines through in everything that they do.

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  2. Kim Petitt says:

    A person who is beautiful but has a nasty attitude is a person without character. That which inside is more valuable than that which is on the outside. Man looks on outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).

    I feel once you don’t have good character you are not beautiful. If you are a combative person who finds trouble wherever you are people cannot associate with you even if you look like Beyonce or the Rock. Your bad character not only will cause irreparable to your relationships but hindrances to opportunities such as jobs because no sensible person would want to do business with a person with bad character traits because that reflects negatively on the organization. If you are a mean person, then you cannot find favor before men.

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  3. hmaxwell217 says:

    Most people don’t even realize that they will choose beauty over character everyday. Remember this… even in fairy tales the bad guy is always the ugly person. We are taught not to trust “ugly “ people.

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