I started the year in lamentation
But was really unregrettable
When the preface of the elegy well composed and orchestrated to be sung for this nation came to my knowledge.
My tears was much of joy with its torrent surpassing that of a Pacific ocean and engulfing well-meaningful souls to the euphoria of the untimely macabre of Nigeria.

I walked down to the theatre and the elegy which was enthusiastically frightening reads: “Your glory oh Nigeria lies slain on your height
Declare it not to your neighbouring countries,
Tell it not to the western world lest your idiocy be made known ,
Your cluelessness made revealed
And your left over prestige jettisoned.

This death prepared ground for the burial only that a sizeable coffin is yet to be found.
The funeral orations must be sung to consummate the burial rites and all Nigerians must be in attendance to celebrate the glorious exit in the hand of a dead leader