Communicating Effectively in your Relationship:

Communicating effectively is important for relationships to survive.

A relationship without communication is as good as dead and this is the part a lot of couples do not pay attention to,

a lot of people think they are communicating but in reality, they are only talking.

When you are communicating, you need to be ready to listen and forget about yourself, it’s not always going to be about you in your relationship you need to always put your partner into consideration.

Good communication begins and ends in love, love must flow through your speech and actions.

The problem with a lot of people is that they had a poor background when it comes to communication because they had parents who were demanding,

siblings who will never stop yelling but marriage is a different ball game and you can’t communicate with your partner the way you were raised, there has to be a balance.

Good communication reduces misunderstanding and it is essential for happiness to exist in a relationship.

Here are some ways to help you communicate effectively:


18 thoughts on “Communicating Effectively in your Relationship:

  1. essenceoftimeblog says:

    It can also be important to keep in mind, that the words we use when we communicate can be interperated differently by your spous and by your self than what is intended. To know that the others truly love you, and look for that love even when it hides behind fear or anything else. Like you all pointed out, understanding and forgiving, even when what you see seems to be a horrible blast from your past. Thank you for the post and advice ❀️

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