Love is a very powerful force that cannot be explained but as beautiful as it is if it is not properly managed it could be dangerous. Love is so beautiful especially when you are with the right person and you are loved in return

Love not reciprocated can be very painful, when you give someone all of your heart but they are not returning your love that feeling can’t be perfectly described in words, it hurts and it has led some people to commit suicide because they could not handle the pains and there was no one around that they talk to.

If you are in a situation where your love is not reciprocated don’t be hard on yourself, it is not your fault there are a lot of people in similar situations and at the same time a lot of people have also moved on from that phase and you can also get over it.

Here are ways to deal with unreciprocated love:


I know it is very painful but the first step to moving forward is accepting your present situation. Do not pretend or assume he will come around when you know the person is not into you. Acceptance does not mean it is going to be easy but it is the beginning of your healing process. READ MORE:


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