Handling a crush seems like a very difficult thing to do especially when the person you are crushing on is your close friend and you see each other frequently but at the same time nothing is impossible. You can deal with your feelings.

Trisha had been crushing on Aaron ever since her friend introduced them at a birthday party, Aaron had chatted with her and she liked him instantly, you can call it “love at first sight” but there was something about Aaron that made Trisha wanted to get to know him more.

He told her a lot about him and she also told him about herself, they exchanged phone numbers and he left after seeing her off to her house. She had a dream about him that night and she was looking forward to him proposing to her.

Her dreams were abolished when her friend told her he was one of the hottest guys on campus and he was dating Sonia who was the prettiest girl in her department. Trisha thought with that confession she would stop loving him but unfortunately, she never stopped loving him. Every time he called her or she saw him she felt like hearing the word “I love you” from him. She wished she was Sonia.



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