Budget Travel is something you should consider if you want to go on your next vacation. If you are planning your next vacation. If you plan to see the Burj Khalifa or New York Times Square we know travelling abroad can be expensive but what if we told you that with budget travel you still get to enjoy your vacation. Discover how budget travel works and how to save your money.

budget travel
Travel out of season

You can travel around the world and spend less. All you have to do is travel when it’s out of season, there are seasons when flights are cheaper. You get cheaper flights during off-peak seasons such as March, September and October for domestic flights and January, March and October for international flights.

Save on Accommodation to enjoy budget travel

It’s fun to spend nights in a luxury hotel but at the same time when you are on budget travel you can choose to stay in a hostel, you get to explore the destination of your choice and you spend less on accommodation.

Pack essentials

I know the common trend is that you want a run a local fashion show where you are going to but because you are on a budget travel pack your cloth according to the season of your location and resist the urge to splurge. Do detailed research about your destination so that you will know the essentials to pack.

Book your flights in advance for budget travel

Another way to save cost is by booking your flight ahead. Booking a flight during festive seasons would be more expensive. For budget travel, the best time is to book your flight four to five months ahead of time.

Control your appetite on a budget travel

Another major thing to have at the back of your mind is your appetite. While it is fun to try out every meal you don’t have to visit a fancy restaurant. You can have a good meal at a supermarket or fresh food market. You can also choose to try out street food it is another fun way to experience the culture of the place.

Choose the day to fly

You can enjoy more affordable travel by being selective about the day you choose to travel. The best days for cheap international flights are Wednesday, Friday and Sundays.

The best days for cheap domestic flights is usually a Sunday then followed by a Saturday and to get the best deal on a flight go for afternoon flights.

Work while you travel

Working while you are abroad can also help you while you are on budget travel. You could choose to teach a local language. If you are freelancing and it allows you to work on the go then go ahead and work.

Travel to places you don’t need a visa

There are places you don’t need a visa to visit. Head to places like Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire where visas are not required. You can research on places you don’t need a visa or places where you get a visa on arrival at no charge.


You don’t have to break a bank to go on a vacation. Make your plans and begin the preparations, you can have budget travel and also have fun!

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