Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye:

Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye:

This is any form of sexual contact with a child by an adult or use of a child as a sex object. In Nigerian context, a child is anyone less than 18 years. It is of public health importance with neurobiological, developmental, and psychiatric complications. Child sexual abuse does not always have to involve penetration or touching. READ MORE:

15 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) and Mental Illness by Dr. Onyekachi Ugwuonye:

  1. kenzelsfire says:

    As a survivor, yes it can affect one’s life. I have learned it’s not something that can be “shoved” under a rug and ignored – in which other’s think/hope or believe doing so will rectify damage done or return an already difficult situation to “normal”

    We live in a fallen world that does not show adequate respect or LOVE to the Sovereign Elohim that created us. Part of that healing from CSA involves healing oneself: thru Forgiveness and also application of the 11:11 Mirror.
    Blessings & Shalom

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      • kenzelsfire says:

        Thank you for responding but I can’t take credit for the answer – that which I have learned and been taught comes from Our Lord.

        I’m curious what prompts you to ask if I’m from Israel?
        GBY as well

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          • kenzelsfire says:

            Brother Michael, Amen & Glory to Adonai
            Our Father is Mighty…He has led me into deep study of His Word. He’s led me into the OT to understand His 1st 5 Books – by understanding the books He gave Moses we can better understand the fruit of His Works (Yashua Hamaschiach) yielded in His NT Covenant.
            I love Israel, too… they are my people as well – we are all one thru His Son.

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  2. Deantari says:

    Hi Michael, I really like your article! I’m from Indonesia which is the country with many child sexual abuse but I think the punishment for the perpetrators still not enough. Even there was an accident on a private school in Indonesia where the employees abused many boys. So as a parent, the concern of this topic is very needed.

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    • Michael Ogazie says:

      That’s the talk of the town. We have to rise against it especially in our various homes be it’s too late. I think countries have their different ways of punishing the offenders. Thanks!


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