Travelling solo:

Travelling solo is fast becoming a popular trend, you don’t have to be married or dating anyone before you travel, you can travel all by yourself and still have the fun. Solo travel allows you to be adventurous and chase your dreams if you decide to go on a solo trip we’ve got you covered.

Why is travelling solo a good idea?
A man travelling solo
Gives you the freedom of independence:

Traveling solo allows you to be independent, it gives you the right freedom you need.

You have time for yourself: when you travel solo you get to have a ‘me’ time and you also have time to relax after all the stress you’ve been through.

It’s your money so it’s your rules: You are the one booking your trip so you can decide to strictly be on a budget or you could decide to go extra! Either way, it is your money so you can decide to spend it the way you want as you travel.

You learn how to plan: by the time you are done booking your trip, making your hotel reservations and booking your flight ticket you can make a career out of it!

You gain confidence: when you travel alone, you don’t have a choice but to be strong and confident. Going into a new environment all by yourself takes some confidence, by the time you are back home you become stronger and more confident and even braver to take more risks because travelling solo is a risk worth taking.
Solo travel does not mean you have to go alone you could go with a group and even when you go alone make sure you meet with new people and by the end of the trip you would have met new and interesting people you have shared life changing moments with.

Best solo travel destinations:

Thailand: Thailand is an amazing place to have a great adventure. You can go with a travel company that has exciting packages and you are guaranteed to have fun.

England: There is so much to see and there is also a lot to experience in London. England has great cultural scenes and amazing tours that would make you feel at home. Solo travelling is fun in England, you get to experience a lot without being distracted.

Spain: Spain is another city to have so much fun and adventure. You can wander through the castles and palaces. The Tapas (perfect for one) in Barcelona is what you don’t want to miss.

Germany: there are many cities to visit in Germany all by yourself. Hamburg is your best bet for seeing museums and galleries. Berlin is also another city to see great art scenes, you need some real adventure, visit Germany.

Italy: if you love food then Italy is your best place to experience food like never before. You can take cooking classes with other solo travellers in the city of Naples and Florence and don’t forget to have some wine tasting experience after cooking. One more thing, you must also experience gelato from the original makers.


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