Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Baggage in relationships is something a lot of people carry around, the truth is everyone has a past and no one is a saint. The past is a baggage and if not handled it could destroy the future you desire. One major mistake a lot of people make is forgetting the past without really addressing the pain.

I know you are hurt and you wish you could turn back the hands but it’s the past and that is where it should belong. You want to ask how do you deal with the baggage of your past in relationships, don’t worry we got you!

Recognize the warning signs:

A lot of people just assume the past is gone but they still have a panic attack when they see someone that looks like their ex. There is no way you can go into a healthy relationship while seeing yourself as a damaged good.

I know you were hurt in your past relationship and so many times you blame yourself for your mistakes. Each time you meet a new person you think the person wants to hurt you or he will lose interest in you, these are signs you can’t afford to ignore.

Don’t ignore those warning signs to work on yourself. Your mind needs a renewal so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and work on yourself so as to become someone admirable.



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