It’s Michael Ogazie’s Birthday:

We the entire team of this wonderful platform felicitates with Michael Chukwuemeka Ogazie (founder of micbloggy) on his birthday. Michael Ogazie is an evangelist, blogger, professional political scientist base in United Arab Emirates. Congratulations!It’s Michael Ogazie’s Birthday:

Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:

Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:By Paul Paulinus. Marital Courtship simply means is an act or period of relating or understanding the character or attitude of an engaged brother and sister who has agreed to marry or betrothed each other; after an introduction and endorsement of both family members or background. It […]Principles … Continue reading Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:

Are You a Passive Participant in your Life?


Dear Readers, 

By now you should be familiar with who I am and what I do. Recently, I posted my welcome video to Conversations with J. R. Floyd, my latest project on my YouTube channel, decided to issues that impact our intimate relationships and explore problems that destroy families. This month ( July 2020)  I am celebrating my 2nd anniversary for my  YouTube channel, and my path to healing years of emotional and spiritual brokenness. At the beginning of 2020, I asked my viewers, readers, bloggers, and supporters to join me in this year’s Theme of writing letters to self. This idea came to me while I was penning my third book, 90 Days of Reflection, Discovery and Renewal. During my journey of journaling for 90 days, I discovered that there were areas of my life that I thought that I had healed, but certain events in my life brought…

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