Suicidal Thoughts To Escape Sufferings:

Some people don’t see the reason to live again due to what they are passing through. Such people’s description of life is always negative and not easily convinced by words without positive actions.

The woman in the picture and videos below is one of those that don’t see the need to live again. She sleeps under the flyover at bank road in Owerri, Imo state. I tried to wake her up so she can be interviewed but all efforts was to no avail. Meanwhile, we will try our best to change her life for better.

Your little help would be highly appreciated by the MiC Charity team.

Account Name: 
Ogazie Michael Chukwuemeka

Bank Name:
First Bank:

Account No:  2041388907

Swift Code: 

Bitcoin Trust wallet Address: bc1qef7r9ptjhmv4eygtwp6zgw9jgqzppnn07ls2m5

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