A Call To Save An African Child:

Despite the rate of poverty in Africa, many poor parents are still bearing children uncontrollably. The lives of these children are endangered as they are on the streets hawking, begging and struggling to survive.

People in the authority and power are busy pursuing shadows and only care about how they will retain their position in the coming elections.

In Nigeria, millions of children suffered, died with all kinds of diseases without the help of our leaders.

The girl child in the picture below was one of thousands of them I captured this morning. She hawks on the road, eat and sleep on the road. No body cares!

Your little help would be highly appreciated by the MiC Charity team.

Ogazie Michael Chukwuemeka

Bank Name:
First Bank:

Account No:  2041388907

Swift Code: 

Bitcoin Trust wallet Address: bc1qef7r9ptjhmv4eygtwp6zgw9jgqzppnn07ls2m5

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