One thought on “FOOD CRISIS IN AFRICA: Children Continue To Die As a Result Of Hunger, Malnutrition & Diseases:

  1. David says:

    • George Müller believed that God answered prayers. He prayed everyday for hours about many different things and expected his prayers to be answered by the amazing God that he believed in.
    • George Müller didn’t get paid wages for what he did; he just trusted that gifts would be given to provide for his family. He knew God was providing for his family all the way through his life.
    • During his life time, Müller cared for over 10,000 orphans in Bristol. He NEVER made appeals or asked for money, or did fundraising events, instead he trusted that God would provide what they needed, and he prayed for what they needed each day. Wow! There’s a novel idea. Trusting God. Many preach the Word of God, but apparently they don’t trust God to provide what he knows we actually need.
    • In his life time, he received £1,500,000 – from gifts. This would be about £90,000,000 today. ($118,196,997.78)
    • The first orphanage opened on 21st April 1836 in Wilson Street, St. Pauls. George Müller, had asked God for £1000 and the right people to run the orphanage. Within five months all that they needed had been provided.
    • A few years later, George had opened 5 new orphanages on land that he bought on a rural site at Ashley Down, just outside the city boundary.
    • Some days, it was as if God literally provided for them from hour to hour. One day they had run out of food. 300 children sat waiting for their breakfast. George prayed to God and thanked God for the breakfast that they were about to eat, confident that God would provide food for them. There was a knock at the door and the baker was standing outside with a big load of bread. He said that God had woken him up in the night and told him to bake more bread than usual and to take it to the orphanage. George said thank you for the bread and took it inside for the children. There was another knock at the door, and this time it was the milk man. A wheel on his cart had broken outside the orphanage. He didn’t want to leave the cart and go and get what he needed to fix the cart, as he said the milk would get stolen. So he had decided to give the milk to George for the children instead! So breakfast was provided!
    • Strong gales in Bristol on Saturday 14 January 1865 caused considerable damage in the area and over twenty holes were opened in the roofs of the orphanages. Around 20 windows were also broken and two frames damaged by falling slates. The glazier and slate masons, who were normally employed to fix things, had already committed their staff to other work so nothing could be done until the Monday. Had the winds continued, with heavy rain, the damage to the orphanage would have been much greater. George prayed for the weather to calm down. The wind stopped in the afternoon and no rain fell until Wednesday, by which time most of the damage had been repaired.
    • Later on in life, George decided to travel around the world, telling people about his incredible God and what God could do when we trust and ask him. When he was crossing the Atlantic in 1877, his ship ran into thick fog. George explained to the captain that he needed to be in Quebec by the following afternoon, but the captain said he was slowing the ship down for safety. George asked the captain if he could use the chart room to pray for the fog to lift. The captain followed him to the room, claiming that prayer would be a waste of time. Müller prayed, and then the captain decided to pray. Müller stopped him and said, the prayer had already been answered. They went upstairs to find that the fog had lifted. The captain became a Christian not long after.
    • George Müller died a poor man in 1898. Bristol came to a halt when his funeral happened. Factories and businesses closed, and thousands of people came out to mourn and pay respect as the funeral procession went by. Below is a quote from the Bristol Times newspaper on the day of his funeral “he was raised up for the purpose of showing that the age of miracles is not past”.

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