Throwback Thursday: Five Favorite Posts from 2018

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If I’m looking for inspiration, I need look no further than my Reader for incisive reads, beautiful poetry, and hand-made art to spark my curiosity and fuel my creativity. As 2018 closes, I’m highlighting five favorite posts and I invite you to share the pieces that spoke to you this year.

“Wind” by Robert Okaji

Robert Okaji is a prolific poet who publishes his work at O at the Edges. In “Wind,” I read not only about air moving at speed and irrevocably changing everything it touches; I also sense the deep feeling and transformation of a passionate encounter. It’s a lovely poem made of many layers.


That it shudders through
and presages an untimely end,

that it transforms the night’s
body and leaves us

breathless and wanting,
petals strewn about,

messenger and message in one,
corporeal hosts entwined,

that it moves, that it blends,

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From The Darkness Into The Light

MY DEAR Blogger Friends There is a man asking for money on World press. He is a SCAMMER. His Name IS Brian Fraser ( BFRASER747)

 I was stupid thinking I was helping him and sent him $10.

Please report him to the WordPress and I will as well.

That is important please pass it on to all your followers and see if he follows you.


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A writer's touch

Often times we think about what the world and people will think about us and as a result we make all efforts to please them. We try to live up to their standard of life so we can get many friends. My friends, if you are in such situation it’s high time you break out from that shell of limitation. You have multiple potentials in you waiting to be exploited, don’t be discouraged. We are afraid to be ourselves because we are afraid we will become alone. We follow the crowd, so we don’t feel alone. But crowd doesn’t care one bit about you. Follow your heart. There’s no success in conformity.

Be yourself, break out from the shell of pleasing people. Good morning friends.


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Devotional YouVersion

From The Darkness Into The Light

“Joshua Study – Five Qualities of Strong Leadership “

As Joshua prepared to lead more than two million Israelites into the Promised Land, he commanded everyone to pause in the midst of the excitement so that he could deliver this very important exhortation: “Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.” The next morning, Joshua approached the priests and said, “Lift up the Ark of Covenant and lead the people across the river.” 

These two statements reveal that, in order to successfully execute God’s plan, Joshua knew that he and his entire team had to embrace two key concepts. First, they needed to purify themselves before the Almighty. Joshua had learned the wisdom of depending on God for success. Because sin can prevent us from hearing God’s voice, Joshua made an ongoing choice to repent of sin and admonished his team to do the same.


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The Godly Chic Diaries

“Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” (Psalm 103:2)

Anddd just like that, another exam is now behind me. Thank you Lord. The feeling of finishing a difficult exam and passing is incredibly gratifying especially when you’re running on very little sleep. These are moments of rewards that make the long days ahead worth it….

I have learned in every circumstance that comes my way, to give thanks. In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give.We also need to remember from where God has brought us. When times get tough and you think you have nothing left to give, think about the goodness of God and all that He has done for you. Sometimes we need to rehearse our faith to get through times of doubt. We all doubt ourselves…

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Consequences of Not Having Your Shit Together


The three and a half hours before my flight back from studying abroad in Korea found me scrambling around my emptied dorm with the aplomb of a newly headless chicken. Mom’s incredulous voice, on speaker, ascended from waves of blankets.

Mom: You’re still packing?

Me: No, I already have all the stuff in the big suitcase and just need to transfer some of it to the smaller one.

So, sans editorialization, I was still packing. I’d bought a small suitcase for my second carry-on the night before, having realized there is, in fact, a limit to how many snacks you can fit in your luggage—for some reason I was under the impression that gifts for other people don’t count toward your packing total on a sort of karmic basis—and justified spending $80 on extra space for honey butter almonds I could probably just Amazon to the States.

isthisrationality My…

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Why Canada’s immigration system has been a success, and what Australia can learn from it

Random Thoughts

File 20181122 161618 3zux9o.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a rethink of the ‘top-down’ approach to immigration in Australia, allowing states and territories more input.

Jock Collins, University of Technology Sydney

Immigration policy will be a critical issue in forthcoming state (Victoria, NSW) and federal elections. The disproportionate impact of immigration on population growth and public infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne is the key issue.

If we look to the example of another immigrant-friendly country, Canada, however, we can see how giving states and territories a greater role in immigration target setting and selection can help take the pressure off major cities without drastically reducing immigration rates.

Immigration certainly impacts on Australia’s population to a greater degree than most Western nations. Among OECD countries, only Switzerland and Luxembourg have a higher percentage of foreign-born people than Australia.

Today, 28% of the Australian population was born overseas. The key issue…

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A writer's touch

Isaiah 43:18-19 (NKJV) “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

1. What is that trouble that aches your heart?
2. Is it too heavy to bear ?
3. Have you tried to help yourself out and all to no avail ?
4. Are you at the verge of giving up ?

I have a message from the one who holds tomorrow in his hand. The one who whispers hope to the flowers to keep blooming despite the threatenings of winter. God wants you to boldly come to the throne of mercy and listen with the seal of faith in your heart. He has promised to do something new, he is already taking that burden…

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The Hidden Cost of War

Valerie Cullers

We have just celebrated Veterans Day where we honor those who have served their country in the military. We also honor those who given their lives in service for our country. We look at the cemeteries and we see the headstones and the flags and we remember the ultimate sacrifice they gave for us. It is a very sobering reality when we think about it.

cemetery-269663_640photo by jmp200962  Courtesy of Pixabay

There is another cost of war, one we don’t really think about except for on days like Veterans Day.  That cost is usually hidden from the majority of us unless we know someone personally who has lost a loved one in the line of duty for our country. That is the cost that the families of those veterans pay. The mothers, fathers, wives, children, brothers and sisters of those fallen will pay that price for the rest of their…

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A LETTER BOMB TO ATIKU ABUBAKAR - BY A DISSATISFIED NIGERIAN - CHURCHILL OKONKWO You are a symbol of the past failures and the politically corrupt Nigeria. With all due respect, therefore, I, on behalf of millions of Nigerians want to remind you that you should shut up when we are discussing anti-corruption challenges and … Continue reading A LETTER BOMB TO ATIKU ABUBAKAR – BY A DISSATISFIED NIGERIAN – CHURCHILL OKONKWO

Astroturfing – Giving You Everything But the Truth!

Valerie Cullers

Have you ever been researching something and you click on a website that looks like it has some real information and public feedback in it? You begin reading and something doesn’t seem quite right. Even though the website is supposed to have public input and comments, it seems more like a public service announcement for the company or organization you are researching. Before you leave the site, you say to yourself, “What’s up with this site?” Have you ever thought that it could be a site set up by people who are Astroturfing? Unless you are familiar with the word, you probably won’t be thinking in those terms.

So what is Astroturfing? Wikipedia defines it like this: “Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by…

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Seasonal Site Spruce-Ups: Take a Lesson from Food Bloggers

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In the U.S., Thanksgiving is upon us, with the other December holidays on its heels. It’s a good time to add some festive cheer to your site (and if you’re running a business, to encourage holiday sales)! Visual changes like a seasonal header image or a new color palette are nice, but you can also use holiday-specific content and design to drive engagement.

Food blogs are great at adapting for holidays and seasonal shifts: unsurprising, since both events frequently have food traditions associated with them. But anyone can take a cue from food bloggers and adapt their tactics to increase traffic — here are three to try.

The Holiday Roundup

If you have a collection of posts perfect for the season, gather them the way David Lebovitz does — his yearly roundup of Thanksgiving recipes highlights 28 great posts from his archives. (I’ll take the pecan pie with bourbon and…

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THE REALITY OF OMOYELE SOWORE ( AAC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE) AS THE CHOICE OF NIGERIANS IN THE YEAR 2019 THE REALITY OF OMOYELE SOWORE ( AAC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE) AS THE CHOICE OF NIGERIANS IN THE YEAR 2019... When you hear the name Omoyele Sowore, what comes to your mind? The former student union president of the University of Lagos, Nigeria? The publisher of Sahara Reporters? The Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress … Continue reading THE REALITY OF OMOYELE SOWORE ( AAC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE) AS THE CHOICE OF NIGERIANS IN THE YEAR 2019

Friends and Enemies

Great article!

Cowboy Archer

There’s no logical reason why Jews cannot live alongside Palestinian Muslims.

They are not natural enemies.

Indeed, they are brothers.

Mohammed modeled Islam off Judaism, which helps explain why both share similar traits and customs.

Certainly they are not a threat to each other operationally.

Here is why.

Both religions are rules oriented.  To be a member means that one must obey many procedures, dictates and customs.

Learning such rules takes time and extensive acculturation.

As such, it isn’t likely that a member of one is going to abandon his religion in order to learn another which also has many rules, but different, requiring a hefty investment of time.

People are generally lazy.

It’s much more likely that a member of one of these religions will join Christianity which has few rules.

Other than accepting Christ as your savior, doing unto others…

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The Lord Chosen International Crusade live Now in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Title, “God has come to do it” join us on Facebook live with the following link and be blessed

The Lord Chosen International Crusade live in United Arab Emirates. Title "God has come to do it" Featuring: Salvation, Sanctification, Deliverance, Healing, Divine Prosperity, Holy ghost Baptism, etc Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka (G.O) LORD'S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT join us here and be blessed Facebook live:


This great Nigerian young writer has published another awesome article!
You need to see it here. Follow her as well for more interesting posts.

A writer's touch

My eyes are gloomy, and my lips are too heavy to tell my forbidden story, I’m shaking as one that is consumed with strong drink. This is a story I have never told anyone, it’s a long kept secret, but today I have decided to tear the veil, to unravel the dark truth so the people in the world can always know that this world is beyond ordinary and it’s too bad my story had to be the perfect example. I am by name John, be patient with me as i share my story.
It happened that after my days in the University, I graduated with a first class, so getting a job wasn’t difficult for me, I had the skill, the brain and what have you. I enjoyed my life, my money, and everything was centred around me. After four years of being an employee, I rose to be…

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Quips, Idioms, and Lingo Tag

A New Life

Whatever happened to those old quips and idioms we used to hear all the time? Are any still around? Have we come up with new ones? Kathy Wire has created a new blogger tag for quips, idioms, catchphrases, adages, axioms, expressions, and lingo. Here are the rules:

  1. Come up with as many quips, idioms, and weird sayings as you can think of. Comb your (or someone’s) memory or the Internet for old or new; or, make up your own!
  2. Weave them into any kind of story – fiction, non-fiction, humorous, serious, thoughtful, or fluff – to post on your blog.
  3. Tag whoever you want to. Notify your tag.


A poem of idioms and quips by Amy Bount Nov. 2018

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back that sent me reeling into His courts.

Learning the hard way that you can’t always get what you…

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No, that crow is not sharing with a mouse

I know, I know, it looks so much like that’s what’s happening.  The mouse is clearly interested; the crows walks the direction the mouse exited to, drops food, and leaves.  But rather than sharing, this is simply a coincidental intersection of two animals trying to claim what they can.

First, a little bit of background information: In animal behavior, food sharing is defined as the transfer of a defendable food item from one individual to another, or the joint use of a monopolized item.1 Obviously these definitions are both broad and somewhat subjective. Because of this, you’ll see a range in how different papers describe how common this behavior is. Some might say it occurs frequently, while others say it is rare depending on if they’re including tolerated theft, food transfers during courtship, etc. Among corvids, evidence of food sharing has been suggested in ravens, rooks, scrub-jays and northwestern…

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Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip "RFID IS NOTHING BUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST ORCHESTRATED BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER" Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes -- Here's Why You Shouldn't Take The Chip: "SAY NO TO THIS MARK BY ACCEPTING JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOR "

Defend the Family

The American Citadel

1950s-family-300x297 The family is the foundational building block of every society. To use an analogy that my Dad taught me, families are like cells in a body. When enough cells become damaged or die, the body deteriorates and eventually dies. In this analogy, society is the body. It can be said, then, that when enough families weaken, society collapses. Not only is this a clever analogy, but it is a truthful one – the preservation of our society depends upon the preservation of the traditional family unit.

Apart from a nation’s faith in God, nothing is more important than its families. If memory serves, I once saw a monument in Salt Lake City, Utah with the inscription: “No nation rises above its homes.” A truer statement has never been etched in stone. It is in the home that habits are formed and faith is instilled, whether for good or ill. It…

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A writer's touch

#fornication, #sin, #danger, #immorality.

1st Corinthians 16:9 says : What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (KJV)

In the world where we live today, the sad news is that the rate at which fornication grows, is so alarming. It has destroyed many fruitful and glorious destinies. I want you to understand that God created every man for his glory. And it is the will of God that we we show forth his glory, but when his temple (our body) is being defiled with fornication we are no longer showing forth the glory of God, instead we are manifesting the attributes of Satan.
God looks down through heaven’s window upon the sons of men and sees a world that is obsessed with and seemingly fanatical over sexual gratification. One…

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Bolivia Announces Complete Ban On Rothschild Owned Banks | Humans Are Free

Bolivia Announces Complete Ban On Rothschild Owned Banks | Humans Are Free... Bolivia has followed in Hungary's footsteps and has kicked the Rothschild's banks out of the country. Bolivia has reclaimed its financial independence by not responding to financial pressure from the U.S government or Rothschild owned banking entities. The South American country is … Continue reading Bolivia Announces Complete Ban On Rothschild Owned Banks | Humans Are Free


A writer's touch

Don’t complain about that opposition, that person that’s trying to hold you down, trying to make you look bad. They don’t control your destiny. God does. He alone know where it itches you and how heavy your burdens are, anchor to his word and drink from his water of life and you will never thirst again.

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GLOBAL WARMING AGENDA TO CREATE AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT: InvestmentWatchBlog by Martin Armstrong from Back in 1996, the former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev expressed the real truth behind the Global Warming agenda. He said that using climate alarmism could advance the socialist Marxist objectives to restore the power of government. He said: “The threat of … Continue reading GLOBAL WARMING AGENDA TO CREATE AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT

Australia: Possible Terror Attack in Melbourne

Worthy of worship, worthy of praise

Beholding Him Ministries

Image result for Revelation 4:11Just so love these Scriptures and hymn thought I would share once again.

1. Worthy of worship, worthy of praise, Worthy of honor and glory; Worthy of all the glad songs we sing, Worthy of all the offerings we bring. Refrain. You a…
Worthy of Worship
Worthy of worship, worthy of praise,
Worthy of honour and glory;
Worthy of all the glad songs we sing,
Worthy of all the offerings we bring.
are worthy, Father, Creator.
You are worthy, Saviour, Sustainer.
You are worthy, worthy and wonderful;
Worthy of worship and praise.
Worthy of rev’rence, worthy of fear,

Worthy of love and devotion;
Worthy of bowing and bending of knees,
Worthy of all this and added to these. You are worthy, Father, Creator.
You are worthy, Saviour, Sustainer

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The Different Names of God | Jehovah Mekoddishkem (M’Kaddesh)

Grace Over Pain

Jehovah Mekoddishkem or M’Kaddesh means The Lord who sanctifies.

In Leviticus 20:7-8, The Lord makes it clear that He alone has the ability to cleanse, sanctify and make us holy. Jesus’ work on the cross brought about justification. It was a once and done event. Sanctification on the other hand isn’t.


What is Sanctification?

Sanctification is derived from the word sanctity which means to set apart, to separate. Sanctification therefore involves separation, consecration, purification for a particular purpose. Sanctification isn’t a once and done event. It is a continuous process. Justification happened at the cross for the purpose of eternity. Sanctification is what happens between the cross and eternity.

Many of us love the concept and the idea of justification. However Sanctification doesn’t get equal accolade because it involves a lot of dying to flesh. It involves change which is something we don’t naturally embrace. Sanctification is holiness.


The process…

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To advocates of Black tax

Gorata Selaledi Writes

🌸Good morning and Namaste.. It feels like a Monday in a good way.. It’s Friday though.. Had the day off yesterday and got to go renew my license and actually thought about blogging about it but guess it’s a story for another day… 🌸

Soooooooooooooooo… Yesterday we watched a show on breaking stereotypes. The topic for the day was depression. Among other things that were said on the issue someone spoke of black tax being a factor for depression and my cousin asks me… What is black tax?

I couldn’t give a dictionary definition because honestly didnt know it because I hadn’t looked it up but took the liberty of clearing my ignorance and this is what I found

img_7804Black South Africans who make good have the “financial burden of taking care of extended family.

So I wasn’t so far from the tracks. The thought process was enlightened by

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Enhancing Math Instruction Through Discourse, Dialogue, and Debate

Parental Advocacy in Education

It is my philosophy that all math lessons should facilitate and encourage problem solving and critical thinking. Simply stated, I believe that thinking should be pushed as deep as each individual can take it. One way to push thinking is through student-driven and teacher facilitated math discourse.

Facilitated Math Discourse

Image result for The one doing the talking is the one doing the learningBoth my personal experience and empirical evidence proves that facilitated mathematical discourse is a high-leverage instructional strategy to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Below are the steps and supports that have enhanced the mastery learning of my students matched with current lessons we have done involving fractions.

Post talk moves/prompts that get students involved in discourse.

The best way to get a conversation started is by asking a question. Below is a simple chart I posted to spark a conversation. The students then had the opportunity to present their ideas in a digital format using a Google Classroom question…

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Words From Billy Graham

From The Darkness Into The Light

Bily Graham reading

As we remember Billy Graham on what would have been his 100th birthday, we’re sharing words of wisdom from the world-renowned evangelist who is now spending eternity with Jesus.

The following message from Billy Graham is taken from the foreword of Franklin Graham’s newly released book Through My Father’s Eyes, which focuses on the lessons he learned from his father. 

Someday I hope to write a book on the subject of “The End.” When we all reach the end of our earthly journey, we will have just begun.

The word departure literally means “to pull up anchor and set sail.” Everything that happens prior to death is a preparation for the final voyage. Death marks the beginning, not the end. It is our journey to God.

For centuries mankind has been on an incredible journey taking him across every generation and through every conceivable experience in his search for God.

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From The Darkness Into The Light

Doesn’t the Bible contradict what we’ve learned from science?

This might surprise you: most of the battles happening today are not between science and the Bible—they’re between science and science!

Or, perhaps more accurately, the conflict is between various philosophies of science. Specifically, there is a war raging between those who try to hold science hostage to naturalistic causes only (as opposed to considering supernatural causes) and those who want to stay open to any and all causes indicated by the evidence (including the supernatural). All too often, the first group tries to write God out of the equation even before considering the facts.

And unfortunately, this group currently has the most influence at many of our colleges and universities. This can lead to the unwarranted conclusion that science has somehow disproven the existence of a divine being, or that thinking people simply can’t take spiritual beliefs seriously. In reality, the scientific evidence…

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Bible Gateway Blog

From The Darkness Into The Light


Listening to God’s Voice and Finding Your Own: An Interview with Sandi Patty

Sandi PattyAs one who endured sexual abuse as a child, divorce after marital infidelity, and a constant battle with negative self-image, music icon and 5-time Grammy winner and 40-time Dove Award winner Sandi Patty reveals in her new book how she found her voice within the context of God’s design for her life and helps others do the same.

Bible Gateway interviewed Sandi Patty (@SandiPattyP) about her book, The Voice: Listening for God’s Voice and Finding Your Own (Zondervan, 2018).

[Browse the many books and music CDs by Sandi Patty in the Bible Gateway Store]

Buy your copy of The Voice in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every day

What do you mean when you write, “For much of my life…

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Deep Relaxation

Michael’s Space

Right now, my breath takes away all my pain,

breathe in one out,

breathe in…

all is calm,

The scent of Tea Tree Oil,

Check in on my body’s state of relaxation, going from head to toe,

A nice deep yawn and stretch,

Being mindful of the silence, the peace and quiet,

There is no substitute for inner peace.

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A writer's touch

This poem is about the return of Christ and how His church awaits His return to rapture the saints.


The stairs are becoming dusty
The carpet has turned pale
Though the windows are close
I still hear the sound of the wind
That tries to pull me away
from what we shared
Even though I erred
I still held to the promise
Of your love
I’m longing for you

You promised to return
And in turn
I have waited
For the touch of your peace
That thrills my spirit
healing the pain of my heart
Cleansing my guilt
With triumphant grace
I’m longing for you

I hear sounds on the stairs
Quickly I rush to check
For in your presence
There is fullness of joy
I kept some flowers for you
Which I’ll offer
When you will come to take me home
Whole and complete in you

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Soul’s Day 2

The Melancholic Soul

I found someone

Whom I replaced with my papers and pen

Never bothered getting it from my hiding place,

Never bothered updating it about my current phase;

Not until now, where here I am again,

Isolated in a room sobbing

Locked out of the world that’s daunting

Realizing how stupid I was

For letting myself be vulnerable,

Too much of being open has pained me once again

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For the Love of Haiku

Discover WordPress

Many of us fell in love with haiku trying our hands at poetry for the first time in elementary school. The 17-syllable form is simple and accessible, yet offers room for depth, nuance, and beauty in a tiny space. Today, we’re delighted to share five favorite haiku from poets around

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”
— Robert Graves


We loved the spare imagery and chilling ending to author Tanya Cliff?s poem, “Spooky Haiku #2,” as well as the photo she took to illustrate it:

wind rustles the leaves

strips the branches down to bark

then skeletons dance

Photo by Tanya Cliff

Literary Lemonades

Poet Neha Sharma?s haiku generated some wonderful discussion as readers offered their interpretation of her haiku, “In One Piece?:

Through the window bars,
the moon appears in one piece.
She decides to leave.

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From The Darkness Into The Light

1. What Is Pride?

There is nothing into which the heart of man so easily falls as PRIDE, and yet there is no vice which is more frequently, more emphatically, and more eloquently condemned in Scripture.

Pride is a groundless thing. It standeth on the sands; or worse than that, it puts its foot on the billows which yield beneath its tread; or, worse still, it stands on bubbles, which soon must burst beneath its feet. Of all things pride has the worst foothold; it has no solid rock on earth whereon to place itself. We have reasons for almost everything, but we have no reasons for pride. Pride is a thing which should be unnatural to us, for we have nothing to be proud of.

Again, it is a brainless thing as well as a groundless thing; for it brings no profit with it. There is no wisdom in…

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Institute For Creation Research

From The Darkness Into The Light

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October 31, 2018
The Just Shall Live by Faith
“Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.” (Habakkuk 2:4)

This great principle—“the just shall live by faith”—was the Scripture that so inflamed the soul of Martin Luther that it became the watchword of the Reformation. It occurs first here in the small prophecy of Habakkuk, but is then quoted three times in the New Testament. The term “just,” of course, means “justified” or “righteous.” God says a person is enabled to live righteously by his faith.

The nature of this faith is clarified by three quotations. The first is Romans 1:17: “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.” The phrase “from faith to faith” means “from the…

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Waiting for a Sign

From The Darkness Into The Light

Waiting for a Sign

Numbers 9:15–23

Whenever the cloud lifted from above the tent, the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled, the Israelites encamped.
Numbers 9:17

So often, married life feels like little more than a series of decisions: Should we buy that house? Is it the right time to start a family? Do we need to save more money for the future? So often, we look to God for some kind of clear answer telling us just what to do.

Early in our marriage, my husband began looking for a job closer to our home. He happened upon a job opening at a social service agency just a few blocks from our apartment. Not only was the job close, but it was the kind of work he was passionate about at the kind of organization he’d wanted to work for. The company was even willing to let him…

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A writer's touch

And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee. for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 1:19 (KJV)

As long as we live and dwell in this world, unending battles will always come to stop our journey. Battles against our faith, battles against our minds, battle against our blessings and aspirations. The devil whom Christ defeated more than 2000 years ago is the in the business of fighting against God’s elect. So then do not be surprised when you see challenges that may seem insurmountable. When I began to ask my self questions about when all this battles will come to an end. He ushered this word in to heart not just for me but for everyone who believes.

Jeremiah 1:19 (KJV)
And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee…

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