I was in a public transit yesterday, when an advanced lady made a shocking statement, “marriage is not an achievement”.

I was taught to respect people’s decision but let me beg you for this, don’t say that marriage isn’t an achievement because you haven’t found a man yet or because your man isn’t loving you right.

It’s very true that you can acquire everything in life & decide not to get married, nobody is against that but I just hope that you don’t cry & question God behind closed doors.
Listen, everything you acquire in this life be it intellectually, physically, socially, mentally, financially & spiritually is an achievement, no matter how little it might seem but see this illustration:

You can acquire an iPhone 11 but without a charger it becomes useless.
For it to function, you need to always power it & for you to power it, you need a charger.

Again, any day it’s not powered the battery may not serve you. This explains the fact that as a woman, you can acquire everything in life but marriage is the crown of all your achievements, the truth may taste bitter.




  1. usfman says:

    An arranged marriage does not seem to be much of an achievement if the bride has no say in who she weds. There must a mutual basis to qualify in this way in my opinion.


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