My Son and my Journey as a Mentor. By Karen Sila: | Micbloggy

My Son and my Journey as a Mentor. By Karen Sila: | Micbloggy

Dressed in a suit with brown Colorado boots. A class 3 boy with more courage than his peers.

How I first met him. His smile and energy giving me something to look forward to
every Sunday. Watching him as part of
the church choir always a joy. His curiosity giving me a lot to
think about.

My creativity often stretched. We became so close
as student and teacher, his mom referred to him as my son on several occasions.
Ten years later, he calls me mom and mentor.

Proud and humbled to have him like a son.

Evans Karuga Gaturu. I later learnt his real names at separate times. The last born among 3 siblings.

The love between his older sister and him is admirable. The love he holds for his elder brother one of deep respect.

His father never lived to see him grow but his mother providing to all his needs, ensuring love and joy ever surrounded him.

Contentment always shone on his face. Class 6 parted us in different ways. Not change of school but address.

Through High school, we had contact. Reuniting upon completion of his O levels, taller and courageous than before.

Still curious and funny but with intelligence.

Adapting to mentoring a teenager came with its stride. Slowly learning the greatest growth he had accomplished. Possessing a teachable spirit. Quite the challenger now.

Challenging himself as he pursues Civil engineering.

His elder brother his inspiration. Those around him not spared from a challenge.
Focus his got it 100%

Making him a recognizable voice as a youth leader in his church.

Now also a mentor as a battalion captain also in his church.

Famous now as Gats. Guts to stand before kings, his philosophy. The one he lives by.

A church elder once commented, “You’re funny with intelligence.”

Never boarding school preferring to be a day scholar. Reason, owing to his great love for his mom.

Journeying further together, the future is more than bright for one Evans Karuga Gaturu. Simply Gats.

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