Singleness is that phase and season of life that should not cause worry or anxiety but it should be a time where you get to pour some love on yourself. Singleness should not be endured but enjoyed but it’s up to you to make that decision.

Here are ways to help you enjoy your singleness.

Take good advantage of your singleness:

Singleness is a passport to freedom. You owe no one any explanation about how you spent your day or who you were talking to. Make that freedom count by going for the extraordinary, take your imagination to another level and have fun in your own space.

Travelling is an adventure you shouldn’t miss as a single person. Your singleness is the best time and season to visit places you’ve never seen. Have all the fun you need and make new friends on the trip.

Spend time with those who matter in your singleness:

Singleness is a good time to have fun with your friends and family members who are dear to your heart. You don’t want to look back in regret and wish you had time for those who matter now is the best time to give them some attention. READ MORE:

15 thoughts on “ENJOYING SINGLENESS:

  1. Sandra Morgan says:

    I love this. I’m in the season now but I’ve only been able to work and catch a few tennis matches. I’m using this season to regroup and rebuild. Saving money. Focusing on my retirement goals! Thanks so much!

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  2. Cynthia Franks says:

    I applaud what you are trying to do and you write very well, but here is something to consider:

    Don’t mention singleness so often. Focus on the fun stuff. When you mention singleness so often it gives the impression you are trying to sell us a bargain. “We are out of Veterinarian Barbie, but Veterinarian Assistant Skipper is even better.” I think your intent is to inspire and you write very well. Show us how you enjoy it and inspire by example.

    The title of your blog says it. Enjoying Singleness. Focus on the joy and what brings it. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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