Flying pregnant should not be what to avoid, it should be every woman’s dream. Pregnancy is an exciting time in any woman’s life, it comes with its challenges and it should be celebrated by doing the things you love and enjoy.

Healthy pregnancy does not mean you have to be bored and stay in one position, you can have fun so if you are planning for a trip then go for it!

Long flights can be very exhausting but we are here to give you tips on how to fly comfortably while pregnant.

Things to do while flying pregnant:

You and your baby’s safety:

The first thing to do is to speak with your doctor to be sure if you can take a flight. A domestic flight might be totally fine while a 12hour flight might be strenuous for your body you should get your doctor’s opinion and be safe.

Most pregnancies are risk-free and travelling is something a mother can explore as long as your doctor permits you. READ MORE:


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