Personal Experience That Made Me A Giver

Some things does not just happen, there must be a reason. Few years ago before I traveled to UAE, I had a very serious financial issue, to the point that I and my family could hardly afford a daily bread. I mean abject poverty. Though we don’t go out there begging or seeking for help. So when I was in The United Arab Emirates, sometimes I will flash back, began to wonder why a family of 7 could be sleeping in a room apartment and survived. People suffer from new diseases, or even more commonly, have a relative who does. That this new disease makes them unhappy, and they want to fight it by all means. A man whose daughter has a rare form of EPILEPSY named PCDH19. Now he helps a Non Governmental Organization that raises money for research.

I’m thanking and also appreciating those of you who have been contributing to our CHARITY movement. (Mic CHARITY❤️). Only love will compel a stranger/foreigner to give in this kind of platform.

Here in Africa there are uncountable problems that people are going through. Sicknesses, hunger and disease etc. Especially in Nigeria, people are dying in their thousands daily without Government intervention. The International organizations have MADE several efforts so far to curb this situations, unfortunately it has been hindered by our leader’s and their SATANIC HEARTS and Souls . They use donations from these notable organizations for their selfish reasons and our people keep dying.

I have determined to do my best in the situation.

Very soon we will explain what we have done so far with your kind donations. Donate your $10 or more to save children from hunger and disease in Africa.

Name: Ogazie Michael Chukwuemeka
First Bank: Account No: 2041388907
Swift Code: FBNINGLA

You can reach us on Watsup No: +2349036800362

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