Have you ever been in that state where your emotions were raised and all of a sudden the person cuts all communication and you can’t reach them? Ghosting is always painful because it leaves you feeling so angry and in a lot of pains.

When you are ghosted you begin to wonder what you said or did wrong, you go through your old chats and you blame yourself. You get angry that they are not picking your calls or answering your texts and it hurts more when they block you on social media.

You could barely think about any other thing, you are wondering why they disappeared even food does not appeal to you and all of a sudden you can’t sleep. You want to know why they left you without an explanation, you deserve to know why they ghosted. Ghosting leaves the person in a paranoid state, emotional hurts and heartaches.

Do they regret what they did? Are they ever going to come back? Will they ever do this again if given a second chance? These are the questions that come to mind when the person decides to come back but the truth is there is no excuse for ghosting, it’s a selfish move even if you need some space let the person know don’t leave them hanging wondering what happened, it has led some people to their early graves.


27 thoughts on “GHOSTED!

  1. essenceoftimeblog says:

    The sad truth to realize that as long as they do what they do, they do not deserve what you have to offer and give. However only time can tell weather the ghosting is intentional or not. And as it goes by, the trust you gave slowly fades as the wound in your heart aches and heals. But know that one day someone will appreciate your open hear, trust and honesty ❤

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  2. John Pa says:

    Common courtesy is all too uncommon. Thanks for sharing. It’s refreshing to hear someone express the need to care for another human being even if you don’t want to purse them. Well done.

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  3. robertcday says:

    There was this girl living two doors down from me when I was a teenager and was starting to date. She kept sabotaging my relationships by saying things about me, to the girls I was seeing, that were not true. She never said anything to me at the time or ever since. I never said anything to her either. Sometimes, malicious spirits are worse than ghosts.

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  4. seanarchy says:

    Such a beautifully written post about a hurtful subject. This occurrence when I was single made me not want to date. To echo what you said, there’s no excuse. Anyone who does it is not mature enough to date.


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