death and loss

Contemplative thoughts on life

(25 Jan 2019)

When someone dies
we wonder
where does he go?

When someone dies
we cry
for he’s never coming home (anymore)

When someone dies
we remember
all the good things

When someone dies
we think
and we feel so much… grief

When someone dies
perhaps, just perhaps
he never leaves
maybe just out of our sight
out of our reach
but very much still around

For what we are made up of
is far greater than
what we can imagine

When someone dies
think of it as
a change of state
a transcendence in level

From temporal existence
to eternity

(perhaps then, we will deem it less of a loss, and more of a… blessing?)

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27 thoughts on “death and loss

  1. Zeno The Stoic says:

    Nice! But even nicer would be to establish some truths and hard facts. I love to ponder, to meditate, to wander in my mind. But I would like it even more if I could find out some basic truths about our universe and our existence.

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  2. vondehnvisuals says:

    Beautiful! There is a philosophy that suggests a man dies three deaths. The first is physical, when the man can no longer animate the body. The second is when the man is buried and can no longer be seen. The third, and final death, is when the man is no longer remember by any man on earth. A man can live eternally, even on earth, if We choose to let the Character of the man live on in Our Heart. Love and Blessings, My Heart is with You.

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