As i walk through the valley of my fears

Though I seem to be alone in my darkest night

But the perfume of His love envelopes my breath

And I could hear faith bubbling in my heart

I couldn’t stop myself from following His foot tracks

I feel the warmth of His love as his guiding light beams down on my somber face

I willingly submit myself to His embrace cause His love is something I can’t resist

And I give myself totally mind, body and soul

He whispers into my ears “trust me child for I am your Lord & your God”.

19 thoughts on “I AM YOUR GOD

  1. MOMENTS says:

    Beautifully penned, Michael, so soothing and God trusting. It is interesting how God is predominantly masculinised in the majority of our world’s religions. For me it is difficult to humanise this entity. If I had to make the effort, God would be an androginous figure to me. I think this overmasculinisation is a direct result of patriarchal societies. I do not want patriarchy nor matriarchy as I do not want one gender’s supremacy over the other. Above all, I believe in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights where all human beings, women, men and transexual, are to have the same rights and duties. That is the main reason for my observations here. Anyway, that said, I think your poem is very beautiful.

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