The road seems rough
And your heart seems cold
As you journey to eternity
Life seems meaningless
And it feels as though you will give up
In this battle of life
Child I will journey with you

When the temple of your heart
Carries the old jewels of depression
And all that once made you smile
Has become an history
As you long for a shoulder to cry on
Child never forget this promise
I will journey with you

I’m walking beside you
Though you can’t see me with those faithless eyes
But if only you will close your eyes in trust and obedience
Then and only will you feel my breath on your shoulders
Child I will journey with you

Your troubles are not forever
Neither are your suffering
Though they are there to fortify you with faith
I am your father, the creator of life
Child I will journey with you.

This is a prose poetry trying to remind you that God loves you and will never abandon you cause he cares.

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