I’ve always doubted the existence of a love
That’s more deeper than the depth of the ocean
And higher than the heavens
Though my members longed secretly for such love yet I couldn’t fathom neither could I sense a true lover waiting for me
I crossed my heart to every other lover
Till I met the lover of my soul

The lover of my soul
Expressed love in several languages
Oh how the tears flowed that day
When He made me an heir to the kingdom
And wore a worthy garment on my unworthy soul
Though my heart skipped a bit
When he told me he visited Calvary’s tree just for me
Then I realized it was for my liberty
The lover of my soul

How can forget his love letters
Given to me in volumes of his holy book
Though the world may not understand
How much he loves me
Cause words can never express
How can i forget how those pieced hands bled
Just so I can obtain the greatest gift of salvation
The lover of my soul

Oh lover of my soul
Hold me tight
Let’s journey to the land where joy will never cease
Guide my feet
So I won’t slip in my darkest night
Teach me how to always love you
And let my trust on you be like the ancient rocks of Zion
The lover of my soul
My worship and praise will always be to you
For you are my Lord and my God.

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