Lucy sat frustrated as she dropped her file containing her curriculum vitae on the table, with her hand resting under her jaw. She’s a widow and a mother of five kids, she felt like running away from herself, it’s been two years since her husband’s demise. And she’s been living through begging from concerned friends who never ceased to assist her since her husband’s demise. She didn’t have a job before her husband’s death, cause he made enough income to sustain his household, he was a strong man she said in a close whisper, but now she had to start working in other to fend for herself and her five kids. She could hear the voice of the preacher through the church horn speaker, he continually repeated the words as though he knew what she was going through. God is still with you, intervention is coming your way, he said over and over again. She broke down in tears and screamed out in a bid to relieve her pain. Where was God when I lost my husband? Where was God when I was chased out from the comfortable mansion I once lived before my husband’s death? Where was God when a sickness struck my first son and made him bedridden. Where was God when…. Lucy was distracted when her last born Henry, came to show her a painting of Jesus Christ on the cross, he couldn’t sense that his mother was in a very bad mood, while leaning on her lap, mum he said please I have a question to ask, go on she said as she wiped her teary face, mum where was God when Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross? Why didn’t God defend him? His eyes looked so innocent, why did this child have to ask this question at this time she thought. Did anyone suggest this question to him ?Lucy was near to tears so she ran outside the room and let her tears flow down unstoppable. She realized that God was in the same place when Jesus Christ suffered on the cross, not that he didn’t care but that the whole earth should have redemption for the good of mankind, in sobs she whispered a prayer; I’m sorry Lord for doubting your word, I’m sorry for admitting to the lies of that the devil lunched into my heart that i’m forsaken and deserted. Her phone rang as she ended her prayers, it was an unknown number, and a feminine voice spoke from the other end, is this Mrs Lucy ? the voice said, please you applied for a job last year January, we are sorry for the delay all this while, we misplaced some files, could you please come for an interview tomorrow by 8am. Okay I will, thanks she said and she hung the call. Could this be God at work? she felt like screaming.

After the interview within a space of a week Lucy was called for the job as the assistant manager of a sales company, the salary was so attractive.
Her son who has been bedridden for more than two years with a strange illness, gradually recovered and was no longer bedridden. They got a new apartment and lived peacefully in the presence of God.

My friend what are you going though that makes you feel as though you are forsaken by God, please disbelief that lie from the pit of hell. For in a time you never expected the page will turn for your good and the sounds of laughter will swallow every of your sob, only continue to trust in God.

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