‘What Are Humans, That You Care?’

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Last week marked the beginning of spring (at long last!). It’s a season that calls us to stop and appreciate the beauty of life – flowers blooming, birds preparing nests, grass greening, trees putting on new leaves.

This week, in the home of a longtime close friend, a little human life is celebrating her two-month birthday. She’s already laughing and smiling, melting her mom’s heart and filling her home with joy. She owned her family’s hearts long before she was born, and I think they’ve only grown more in love with her since (if that’s even possible!).

She is precious. Not for being one of the cutest and happiest babies in the world (though she definitely is!). Simply for being human.

Christians often speak of the special value of human life. But what is it exactly that gives human life its unique, intrinsic value? Why should we treat the life…

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7 thoughts on “‘What Are Humans, That You Care?’

  1. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon Ami ou Amie
    Il y a des mots que l’on écrit sur une feuille de papier
    Comme enchantement la feuille se remplie
    Il y a aussi des mots que l’on tape sur son clavier
    C’est, ces émotions que je te fais partager
    Car se sont des mots d’Amitié avec du bonheur
    Passe une Bonne et agréable journée
    Une belle fête de Pâques à venir avec ta famille
    Gros bisous

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  2. Holly G. says:

    This is a great post to remind us that we are not to be people pleasers but to live our lives holy and acceptable before the Lord. My goodness, how many times do we miss a blessing because we were so worried about what someone thought? Instead of simply being obedient to the call of Holy Spirit!

    God bless you for sharing ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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