Italy’s far-right Salvini calls for populist ‘European spring’ to replace the dominant ‘French-German axis.’

Peace and Freedom

Far-right Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini yesterday said populists from Italy and Poland should spark a “European spring” to replace the center-right influence of Germany and France, as the EU prepares for key elections.

“We are preparing a new equilibrium and new energy in Europe and Poland and Italy, absolutely, will lead this new European spring,” Salvini said in the Polish capital Warsaw, adding that “we have a new plan for Europe” intended to replace the dominant “French-German axis.”

The May elections are shaping up into a battle between liberal pro-European Union forces, among them French President Emmanuel Macron, and populist euroskeptics represented by Salvini and several other populist politicians.

f the far-right League in Italy’s coalition.

The report singled out the League's deputy prime minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for blame

Minister Matteo Salvini.  AFP/File

Salvini’ visit to Warsaw reflected that the two countries populist-nationalist parties could explore a possible alliance in spring elections for the European Parliament. Salvini’s meeting with Polish ruling party…

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