Another Chemo Treatment

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chemotherapy     Another chemo infusion is in the book now. Yesterday was the second infusion of this round.  I do three consecutive weeks and then I get a week off. Week 2 is also the “short week”- I only get one of the two regular chemo drugs.  

We meet with the oncologist first, to go over blood work and vitals, talk and get a physical exam. Then, if it all looks well, I get the “green light” for chemo that day. (Needless to say, “all looked well”!) She continues to be shocked at how good the thyroid looks and feels. If you remember, that’s where this all started and that’s what was supposed to give me 4-6 months to live….even before they found the other two cancers. It, and the nodes around it, are still necrotic- dead…but the radiation I received early on that focused on the thyroid, as well as the ongoing chemo, seem to be having a positive impact on that area, which I think…

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12 thoughts on “Another Chemo Treatment

  1. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like the lady’s confirmation in the treatment center s what you needed to hear. May God continue to give you strength as you continue to heal and recover in the name of Jesus!

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