US-China trade talks conclude as hopes of progress rise

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Analysts warn that complicated questions remain despite desire on both sides to do a deal

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U.S. President Donald Trump with his guest Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, April 2017

Tom Hancock in Shanghai

Global markets moved higher as US and China officials concluded trade negotiations which had been extended into an unscheduled third day, spurring hopes the two countries had made progress on defusing a dispute weighing on both their economies.

While growing concerns about the economic slowdown on both sides are adding pressure to reach a deal, analysts cautioned that Beijing was unlikely to compromise on key issues such as industrial policy, with progress dependent on whether Washington would be satisfied with promises to purchase more US goods.

“Trade talks between China and the US have concluded, and the Chinese side will soon release the results,” Chinese state media cited a foreign ministry spokesman as saying on Wednesday afternoon.


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