Canadian men detained in China unaware of what charges they may face — Rule of law is different in China

Peace and Freedom

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Last week, Canada revealed that 13 of its citizens have been detained in China since Huawei executive’s arrest in Canada….

Ottawa is demanding release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor as legislators say they have reiterated concerns to Chinese officials

Two Canadian men detained in China have still not been told what charges they may face, Canadian legislators said after meetings with Chinese officials on Monday.

Ottawa is demanding China immediately free Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who were picked up after Canadian authorities arrested a senior Chinese executive on a US arrest warrant in early December.

Michael Spavor (L) and former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. (Associated Press/International Crisis Group/Canadian Press)

Senator Joseph Day, one of the Canadian legislators, said the group had reiterated the government’s concerns in what he called a very…

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  1. Chinese are wonderful people my friend. They have a high IQ, a strong national integrity and the power to put efforts. They’re giant at creating wealth.

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    1. I think you have made the point I am about to buttress. They couldn’t allow their population to affect their economy and wellbeing. That is great in indeed unlike some thickly populated countries like Philippines, Nigeria etc

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        1. No people from any nation are troublesome. It’s the politics between the international governments. I hope you know about the trade war between US and China. Their politics is troublesome because of the middle Kingdom complex they have…!

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