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A writer's touch

In the midst of the stillness
I try to be calm
But yet there’s a turbulence
I try to be mute
But right inside
There’s a war of words
My eyes searched for the truth
That cannot be explained by spoken words
Then you came with your whispers of love
I won’t forget

As the sun strokes my sleekly skin
Your overwhelming presence
Feels my spirit
Standing between my doubts
Wiping the tears of my pain
Just as when my mother comforted me
Your love wraps me
Protecting the gem in me
I won’t forget

Though the storm chases me
With persistent tides
Though the stars refuse to appear
In my darkest nights
Though the fiery beast of this world
Chase my soul
With fierceness of destruction
And the temporary pleasures of this world
In your peace which comforts
My raging heart will I rest
That I won’t forget


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