AT&T (1740WH) Digital AnswerSystem with Time and Day Stamp, White


We had our old answer machine for such a long time, that I can’t even tell you how old it was.  It finally stopped working.  You may wonder why we needed one?  I do all my phone calls on my smartphone, and receive messages on it, but my husband doesn’t use his.

He has a smartphone, but only uses it to access the Internet when he is home, and anywhere they have free WIFI.  He has a flip phone for making, and receiving calls, and 99% of the time it is sitting at home.  If he has it with him, it is usually not switched on.  Therefore we need the landline.

We also go away for vacations, and having an answer machine allows me to pick up calls each day.  I won’t have them redirected to my cellphone, as so many are robo calls.

The AT&T digital answer system is…

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