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The effects of Coca Cola Consumption in Human Body


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                                                   History of the Coca Cola drink

Coca Cola is a carbonated drink made by Coca Cola. Originally considered an authorized medicine, the drink was invented by John Stith Pemberton and later bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler.

John Stith Pemberton, after graduating medical studies went in a civil war. After the war, he was diagnosed with a serious serious life-threatening wound. Being addicted to morphine, John Stith Pemberton found a way to fight his addiction by creating Coca Cola.

In 1885, Pemberton began selling a drink called “Pemberton’s French Wine”, the beverage being made of cocaine, kola nuts and damiana (a shrub with aphrodisiac and anti-anxiety properties).


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Coca Cola was originally marketed as a remedy for many illnesses, one of which included impotence. Pemberton has given this drink properties such as: healing headaches, anxiety, depression, indigestion and addiction. Cocaine was removed from the drink…

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