The Beauty Of Time

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Introducing Me

Time changes everything. Had you told me two years ago that I would be working at a Mental Health Center I absolutely would have laughed at you. How could the girl who had two psych unit stays be working with people who have struggled the same way? Because time changes everything.

The past two years I have climbed mountains I never thought I could. I have pulled myself out of quick sand chest deep and climbed rock bottom with every part of me bleeding. But I would not change a single thing about it – I would walk through a million more miles of that quick sand, spend two more years in the basement of rock bottom if I had to. Because like they say, you should never be ashamed of the obstacles you have faced. Mountains do not grow without earthquakes.

Roughly a year ago I met the girl…

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Fragrances That Smell Just Like Your Travel Bucket List

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Not everyone has access to endless PTO, so what’s a person to do when it seems like everyone you know is frolicking somewhere glorious while you’re stuck in the office pushing paper? Scheduling some sort of mini getaway is a must if you’re able — studies say that it’s actually good for your career — but in the meantime, you can travel vicariously via a whiff of your wrist. From the desert to the beach, we’ve rounded up 9 destination fragrances (and a candle) that have been formulated explicitly to smell like travel-worthy locales.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

You’ll feel like you’re basking in the warm California sunshine with a single spritz of Atelier’s Clementine California Cologne. It combines notes of sweet clementine with fresh and earthy juniper berries. Soft sandalwood and cypress grounds the fragrance while a dash of zippy mandarin cuts through it…

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Another Chemo Treatment

Stick With Jesus

chemotherapy     Another chemo infusion is in the book now. Yesterday was the second infusion of this round.  I do three consecutive weeks and then I get a week off. Week 2 is also the “short week”- I only get one of the two regular chemo drugs.  

We meet with the oncologist first, to go over blood work and vitals, talk and get a physical exam. Then, if it all looks well, I get the “green light” for chemo that day. (Needless to say, “all looked well”!) She continues to be shocked at how good the thyroid looks and feels. If you remember, that’s where this all started and that’s what was supposed to give me 4-6 months to live….even before they found the other two cancers. It, and the nodes around it, are still necrotic- dead…but the radiation I received early on that focused on the thyroid, as well as the ongoing chemo, seem to be having a positive impact on that area, which I think…

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The Secret to White Teeth

Michael D. Turashoff

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Everyone wants a beautiful smile. Not only is a beautiful smile … well beautiful, it’s also a sign of healthy teeth and gums. If you already have a beautiful smile you’ll want to keep those pearly whites healthy and shining for years to come, so it’s very important to properly care for them.

A great smile can leave a lasting first impression. Here are some tips on how you can get that winning grin and keep it looking that way for life.

Brush and Floss Often

This tip should be obvious, but, it’s surprising how many people don’t brush and floss their teeth as often as they should. You should, at least, brush and floss your teeth after every meal to make sure you remove any food that may be stuck between your teeth.

Brushing often is so important that you should talk with the dentists at Dental Avenue in…

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