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An Open Letter to Christians Struggling With Porn Addiction — Reformation Charlotte

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I want to pour my heart out about something. This is a hard pill to swallow, but if we do not realize this truth we may never find the freedom we have in Christ.
It’s not the porn industry’s fault that you watch porn, it’s yours. It’s you who types into the search engine. It’s you who closes all the doors and makes sure no one is home. It is you who clears all the search history when you are finished satisfying your desires. It is your sin. Period.
Sure, do the models and producers take a cup of the blame for providing the sin? Of course. However, ultimately it is because of your own lustful heart that you watch what they post. Yet you are not alone. I think of all the times I blamed my sin on others when really it was…

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