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I welcome you into this glorious year once again. The Lord God saw it right to bring you and I into this year, not by our righteousness but by his grace.
In our world today humans aren’t void of plans whether it’s in good or bad venture. Even in this year most persons have already drafted set out goals and plans for the year.
Dear friends, if we in our little understanding can make great plans for ourselves, our family, our children what about God?

The year is still young and yet to deliver it’s outcome . it’s therefore vital to remind you that even as we are expecting good all through, let’s not forget that temptations, trials, turbulences of life may come knocking on our doors in times we never expected.
Times when you may be in chaos and lose sight of hope; Times when many feel they are…

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13 thoughts on “GOD HAS A PLAN

  1. seanarchy says:

    Happy New Year to you! I totally agree with you that you must work your universe plan. I became so much happier when I realized this, and stopped trying to force things into my life that didn’t belong there. Yes, you can make goals, but know when to cut your loss, I say.

    Here’s to us, hoping everyone makes their goals & gets to his or her happy place. :o)

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