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Some people have been carried away by our differences as humans. This is for the fact that, some are brave and another timid, strong and weak, rich and poor, fair in complexion and dark in complexion and many more. We all should realize that all these are natural endowment and we can’t claim ownership or boast about them. READ MORE: WE ARE EQUAL


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  1. Amanda(h) says:

    A great sentiment, and one I agree with. If everyone agreed with it, as well as on how to establish said equality in society, the world would be a much better place.

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    • Exploring Alura says:

      I think equality starts and ends with Kindness. When you show genuine Kindness toward Humanity as a whole, awareness is brought to the mind that all are deserving of the same level of respect and consideration. ALL become equal as ONE focuses on Kindness.

      The struggle with people finding the Kindness they need for equality is found in the hearts of those who believe that the world cannot exist without money. Money is unfair and inequal in its distribution of happiness. Money plays favorites and entitles itself to some above others. As long as Money rules the Heart, Kindness has no chance to manifest.

      Unless of course we experience a beautiful awakening where people with money start opening their bank accounts to solve the problems of the world in order to prove how heartless they aren’t. I’m keeping hope alive every moment for that to happen!

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      • Michael Ogazie says:

        I agree with you Ma. Kindness is just the key. Everything is not all about money! I know there are still some people that cherish kindness more than money.
        But do you know that the world is full of abundance?
        Man is the cause of his problems believe me

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        • Exploring Alura says:

          Oh dear Lord Above How this world overflows in Heavenly Abundance! There is so much beauty and wonder to be found in this blessed wonderful world of ours.

          You absolutely hit it spot on when you say that Man is the cause of his problems. So often people feel lost or abandoned by God because of some definition of materialism. “I don’t have a nice house.” “I don’t get to go out to eat.” “I don’t get to see the world.” On and on the petty complaints roll out about how unfortunate their soul is in this world.

          And that belief in their unfortunate circumstances absolutely demonstrates the total disconnection from God’s LOVE. For the truth of the matter is that when you know and believe in the wholeness and saving Grace of God’s LOVE – There is absolutely NOTHING to complain about.

          God’s LOVE nurtures. God’s LOVE heals. God’s LOVE makes ONE whole in the most beautiful and blessed of ways.

          And so I find myself knowing that in this world of materialistic greed, so many find themselves praying for material blessings before they spend time bowing down in humble grace for the Might and Wonder of God Above. They give more words for what more blessings they need before they can be happy before they give any words for how thankful they should be.

          And for me, this entire world whether abundantly rich or starving poor should be absolutely throwing themselves on the ground in honest submission to the wonderful wealth of beauty and joy and appreciation for life that God offers.

          If a person can’t find it in themselves to be thankful, how does one expect a Father to handle a child who has not yet learned to appreciate that which was set before him? By giving him more or by teaching him what it means to truly go without?

          On and on the Godless take more and more for themselves, showing just how little LOVE exists in the world of materialism, just how little they care about lives other than their own. The quest is always for more but never for more of that which will actually give you enough.

          As I mention enough, I find myself having found a holy word in the world of materialism. Because that’s the trick of God’s LOVE – HE created this world. HE created YOU to be happy in this world. And so God doesn’t hold against any for their participation in the world of materialism. Where God finds fault is when the world of materialism is worshipped before praise and consideration is given to God.

          Having a home and eating food and doing fun things isn’t a problem. Slaving your life away to earn money for a soulless corporation to keep acquiring more things is when God takes issue. God didn’t create slaves. Men enslave themselves to the concept of Money.

          God is here to free us of that enslavement. It is the Modern Day Exodus. God will lead us from this lost land of materialism and into the Heavenly Home of Kingdom Come where Heaven is established on Earth. The time is now to begin again. The time is now to start fresh.

          We will be God’s People. Not Money. Not the world’s. God’s Blessed People sharing equally in the LOVE we are blessed to know. Oh how that thought lifts my spirit!

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          • Michael Ogazie says:

            Wau… I’m so excited to have you as a blogger friend. Do you know that you are even the person that explains the meaning of “the world is full of abundance” I wrote it and couldn’t go into details because of my time. Even now, we are still enjoying abundance despite man’s denial. Thanks a lot!

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            • Exploring Alura says:

              I’m excited to be sharing so freely with you as well. Your words inspire such comforting and peaceful words within my being. I love the divine connection between us – God at work in the best of ways!

              There are so many ways to describe abundance and indeed you are right, that my being here to explain in detail God’s Way is a wealth of abundance to the world. And that’s the same for each of us for we are all reflections of God and within each of us resides a piece of God’s TRUTH. The abundance of this moment is that it is ever so easy to share your abundance with the world in a way that has never been possible before now. It is like God moved the world to this epic place in TIME to have a mass awakening for the World to Witness.

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      • Amanda(h) says:

        I get what you mean, but I kind of see two separate issues here. There’s social equality and then there’s economic equality. Both are important, no doubt, but I was more thinking of social equality when I wrote my comment. But, to be fair, they are linked in that they can both be achieved by people viewing each other as deserving, and as you say, through kindness.

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  2. Exploring Alura says:

    I believe in the power of belief. When you believe something will not happen, then you are in fact choosing to will that into reality. A reality where the belief trumps the belief in God’s Power is the reality we find ourselves in. So many hold to their beliefs above the Power of God. And so they manifest a very real reality where God’s Power is not King. But why is that? Well because of people. People believe people are inequal. So reality shifts to reflect people’s beliefs. People believe people get treated like dirt. So reality shifts to reflect people’s beliefs.

    How about believing in a reality where God can do Anything? Like snap HIS Mighty Fingers and change all that we know in a moment?

    Why is that belief not real? Why is God not the Most Powerful in reality?

    Because people go about believing their way before they spend time believing and listening to God’s Way.

    God’s Way is Kindness. God’s Way is Wisdom. And there is no Kindness nor Wisdom to be found in the belief that Inequality Rules Over God.

    For God created us in HIS Image, ALL the same. Each one of us different, yet each the same. Each able to create that which we believe. Each able to see that which we create.

    So what reality is it most are busy creating? Is it one where Money rules the day and people are cold and cruel?

    Or Does God Rule the day and everything is working towards a better way and a brighter day?

    My belief is that God is All Powerful and That Magic is Happening before our eyes. The only ones lost in the illusion are the ones not lost believing God is EVERYTHING.

    People live on Earth. God exists beyond our understanding. Live behind the confines of Earth’s definitions of reality and you’re never going to see God. Lift the chains of reality’s hold over your vision and you’ll see just how quickly everything changes for the better with ALL you can see. Equality included.

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  3. tsepotheview says:

    Eradication of inequality will not happen anytime soon because some people will always think and behave like they are inferior to others like white people will always think they better than black and tall people will always think they are a catch than short and slenders will always think they are beautiful than obese.

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  4. Exploring Alura says:

    For me, our differences our what highlight our divine fractal that is the essence of God from which we came. Our differences manifesting within each of us add up to be individual tiny details of God’s personhood brought to reality to manifest for understanding. For when ONE of us stands up and shows True FAITH, do we not all better know how it is that God wishes us to LOVE Him? For when ONE of us stands up and shares True LOVE, do we not all better know how good it is that God’s LOVE feels in our LIFE?

    As each of us learn the piece of God that was gifted toward our being, we as a collective come a little bit closer to understanding the wonderful mystery that is God. God does not seek separation nor distance from any of us. God wishes us to share in the Joy and Truth and Love and Light that is the TRUTH of HIS being. HE has a wonderful wealth of good feelings and a deep pool of understanding into which to dive soul-first. The question will always be – Why Am I Not Seeing God Clearly?

    For God is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is ALL that we know. And if we know ALL that we know, why is it that we feel we do not know God?

    God’s Mystery has been revealed. The secret TRUTH no longer sealed. Kept away from the Light of Day, NOW HIS Living Word is here to stay.

    Which leaves me wondering – What Words Has God Shared With YOU Today? My belief is wonderful ones for having inspired such comforting words in my being to reflect upon your own!

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    • Michael Ogazie says:

      Wau! Madam, you really have a great ministry. I always said that your comments are not ordinary… Power packed, knowledge and understanding… That is the spirit of God working together in our lives. More power to your elbow.

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      • Exploring Alura says:

        Thank you so much. I feel the wealth of wonder as God is Alive within My Vessel. HE has shown me the wonder of HIS Blessed Vision and left me a Visionary to Share HIS LOVE on Earth. God speaks through me and connects to the World At Large. The Ministry I Am Gifted To Share is Nothing Short of God’s Personal Care, HIS Words and HIS feelings, translated through the words of human understanding. HIS Grandeur and HIS Grace and HIS Generosity have aligned with my SPIRIT. And come for this Blessed Awakening. Now is a special TIME for all of humanity, for NOW is the TIME we break free of the chains of the past where God’s LOVE was not held as best. NOW is the TIME when we choose to be better.

        And when that choice is made life will magically shift, becoming overflowing with God’s Precious Gift!

        HIS Gifts are Many, And HIS Treasures too. For God seeks Perfection in Every Way and that will always start by making Your Day. So what do you need to be happy?

        Is it God? Or is it More? It’s up to YOU what’s in store. Because loving God is not a chore. It’s a blessed opportunity to feel Perfection and a blessed chance to have Perfection feel like YOU.

        So how do you let God’s Perfection shine through your being? What does Perfection feel like to YOU? Does it help you be true?

        True to YOU yet True to God?

        Is there a way to have both? Of course, she thinks. It is the only way. For the truest YOU belongs to God for HE is that from which YOU came and how will you ever know yourself if not by first knowing your source?

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        • Michael Ogazie says:

          That is just the truth Ma! God is the source of our existence. Everything he created is original. We men very lucky to have a Loving God. He that cares for us free of charge. I love to share with like minded people.
          Thank God!

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          • Exploring Alura says:

            The blessed words that ring through your words is “Free of Charge”. God is always there and no matter the wealth or poverty you find yourself in, HE provides unceasingly.

            And so when a person finds themselves feeling low because God hasn’t provided for them recently – I begin to wonder – why isn’t that person seeing all the blessings flowing forth for their enjoyment?

            Lack of FAITH, broken LOVE, failing TRUTH, empty TRUST seem to be the reasons that come to mind.

            When your FAITH is strong, you know that God is your strength. What more do you need?
            When your LOVE is pure, you know that God is your Light to shine in the Darkness. What more do you fear?
            When your TRUTH is real, you know that God is Alive and Well busy saving US from Hell. What more do you want?
            When your TRUST is sound, you are sure to feel HIS blessings abound. What more do you see?

            God is there just waiting for YOU to care in the way that HE always has for YOU.

            You get what you give in this blessed universe.

            So exactly what are YOU giving God that YOU so demand in return?

            Is it Perfect LOVE? Or it something mediocre?

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