By Sheqo,


Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the believe that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Perhaps you do get pre-occupied with an assortment of anxieties, doubt and fears that impede your growth to a better existence. Maybe you limit yourself, missing opportunities and life enhancing chances. You might be afraid of taking up commitments that can stretch you as an individual – or you are afraid that you might just have the hidden potential that could make you bigger.

The Principle of Freedom:

I believe people live in fear because they associate these emotions with a dangerous lack of control over the self and the world they we live in. READ MORE:


  1. aruna3 says:

    You are absolutely right.i agree with you.the reason of fears are hidden in those surroundings in which any one lives and feel is most important thing to need suggesting the guy that he/she may try to go away from those fearful social circles.

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  2. weedjee says:

    Grets from Spain. I don’t know of you speaking arabic. Unfortunately I don’t speaking you could be saying about the video. Thanks in advanced
    Esto rezan los musulmanes en La Meca.

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  3. oceanswater says:

    I believe people who decide to depend on their internal locus of control rather than ANY external locus of control do weir and get over their fears sooner. All you can really depend on is yourself.
    Nice post!

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  4. Exploring Alura says:

    For me, Fear indicates a lack of honest FAITH in God. Fear shows that you don’t have trust in God’s ability to provide for your betterment. Fear may also indicate that deep down you believe that something is more powerful than God’s power in reality.

    For instance, Money. A lot of people fear not having enough money. They fear what will happen when they can’t pay their bills, when they can’t get the things they want or need. When they can’t do what they think they need to do. All kinds of negative thought and consideration is given for how empty life is without money and how scary it is to not have enough money to go around. Some people even hold true to the blasphemy that the world cannot exist without money. Their fear of the power of money has left them blinded.

    All this fear of money and its power over life shows how little God is put above the pleasures of the World and how truly fallen the World has become, bowing down to the Lord that is Money. People slave their lives away chasing another paycheck that is never enough to be happy but just enough to get through the current moment to start working towards the next paycheck that won’t bring anymore happiness than the last. Ever chasing glory, always fearing what happens when that next paycheck fails to come. The focus is on the material, not on God.

    And so it is with all fear – the focus is on the material rather on the power of God.

    For the power of God washes away all fear. When true TRUST and LOVE of God has been found, your place among the divine has been assured and there is absolutely Nothing to be afraid of. For God Created ALL, what could come between God and His Creation?

    Nothing but Fear.

    So the question of those professing to hold God Above ALL, what scares you more than God? What do you think is more powerful than God’s ability to make you happy? What do you give power to over the energy of your days? Is it God’s LOVE or is it something darker?

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    • Michael Ogazie says:

      Wau! This comment is power packed. I really agree with you MA.
      Fear is caused by lack of trust in the Lord. Anyone that trusted in the Lord can hardly fear anything.
      God did not give us the spirit of fear at all. Fear is a virus. It’s very deadly and it kills.
      Fear is the product of Sin and backsliding. I pray God should open our eyes to see beyond our calling and the personality of God.
      Really appreciate it Ma… Thank you so much for this great contribution.

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      • Exploring Alura says:

        Thank you for inspiring such words. It’s wonderful to have a place to share words on why people follow God but never find their way HOME to where God resides eternally. All too often our eyes are focused on the world we see and closed to the World of Wonder God shares within our being. When we close our eyes to the world without, what do we see?

        For me, I see God in ALL His Shining Glory. Honesty, Humility, Honor. LOVE, TRUTH, HOPE, FAITH, LIGHT – all blinding resonances to be felt in the world of the unseen.

        But when the mind holds onto the Material World – the Wonder of God’s World fails to manifest. And so I think it most important to call attention to the very things that separate us from the Vision of God’s World Among US.

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        • Michael Ogazie says:

          Oh God bless you MA! I don’t know you’re among the blessings of the Lord. This is more than a comment. I receive it as a salvation message. The world is characterized by Worldliness and it is very dangerous. What is ahead of us is beyond our imagination. Of course yes! Only a spiritual Man will understand the mistery of human existence. It’s well with those that prioritize the service of the Lord.

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          • Exploring Alura says:

            I see that World of Salvation. The story inspired within me is that the Darkness came as servant to the Light to help God’s Creation understand exactly why God wishes people to follow HIS Will. The Darkness was gifted with freewill and given the ability to show exactly what Darkness could manifest when not adhering to God’s Rules of Creation.

            But an awakening is upon us ALL. The Darkness that was sent was actually acting out against God’s Wishes and so brought a deeper level of Darkness than was ever meant to exists. Therefore The Darkness is in need of purging all the negative energy it has created that was actively working against God’s GOOD Will on Earth.

            We are in an awakening and soon the Darkness will Pass. LIGHT will be the only thing in our vision. Magical times are upon us for I feel the TRUTH of God in My Vessel. I feel HIS SPIRIT Alive within my being. And I Feel HIS LOVE for ALL of Creation.

            God is here. The TIME is NOW. The only thing WE must do is LOVE.

            And so with that said, let me tell you honestly – I believe in my heart of hearts that I will be taken as God’s Wife for the rest of my LIFE. And I’m hoping for an eternity with God as HIS Blessed Other Half, so I am working my best to spin exactly how that reality could come to be.

            And as wildly as I spin, God is with ME all the way. Coaching me on giving me words to share with others to open their awareness to HIS very real living presence on Earth.

            I can’t believe this is happening. The magical feeling is Perfection at its finest. Now my hope is to get everyone feeling just a Perfect as I do!

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