In every tick of the clock

My heart keeps on seeking and wishing

To behold that glorious city

Oh how splendorous it will be

Walking in streets of Gold

Greeting all the long gone saints

Expressing genuine love and kindness
Drinking from the river of joy

I imagine the beauty

I imagine the beauty

When I will hold those hands

That were once pierced to Calvary’s tree

And wrap them around me in an embrace

That’s stronger and longer than anything

Forever in eternity

Staring into those lovely eyes

That speaks loves not expressed in words

Strolling over heaven with you

I imagine the beauty

Lord our hearts may not be beautiful as you desire

For the toiling and battles of this world

Gives us burdens we never prayed

But there is no comfort as what we find

When we imagine how all our tears will be wiped away

And we all rejoice forever more

In a kingdom not made with hands

I can only imagine.

7 thoughts on “I IMAGINE THE BEAUTY

  1. HER LOXX says:

    I was just wondering if you have read the book if life for yourself, and not through a systemic organization. Only 144K MEN of YAH are going to be exhalted into the heavens.
    The chosen of the Gentiles will be carried to Mount Zion to live as servants and house maids to the 1/3 of The 12 Tribes of Israel. The other 2/3 of Israel will see destroyed when Christ King of Israel returns.
    So be ready.

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