15 thoughts on “YOUR TIME IS COMING

  1. Exploring Alura says:

    I love the thought of The Book of Remembrance. To me I get a vision of a vast pool of all of the unanswered prayers that have accumulated through the ages waiting for the perfect moment in time. This pool is literally a vast sea yet nothing more than a large pool of all the tears cried in the hearts of the broken ones. I feel as though God uses this pool to reflect upon how HE will bring change to the world when the time for peace has come. Almost like a looking glass to my mind. For ages God has viewed and reflected upon the Book of Remembrance pondering when the right time would be to act.

    I get excited in my bipolar because that time feels like now. Now more than ever the world stands connected and capable of great deeds in mere moments of time. The world stands ready to learn the wisdom of the ages and share it with any and all willing to learn should the drop of truth drip onto our parched tongues. We the devoted many stand ready to lift God up and show how all along HE has always been the answer.

    God is good and God is great and through HIS will we will celebrate.
    The time has come, the war is won, the past is now the thing’s that done.
    The future is here, to live and tell, by Holy Heaven it’s time to yell!

    Sorry got a little rhyme-y there. I get excited when I ponder that the time is upon us. I can feel it deep inside that things are suddenly different and that now is an awakening of those meant to spread the word of God as it has never been spoken before. But I’m also crazy.

    What do you feel when you think about God’s timing?

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