Dear Son/ Daughter,

Day by day I see your tears,flowing down like the river of Nile. And I feel every pain of yours deep down my skin and my heart bleeds for you to know that I’m with you always, but it pains me that you’ve forgotten all the promises I made to you.
I promised never to leave nor forsake you
I promised to stand by you when the wind begins to blow
I promised to wipe every tear you cry cause i’m with you always . What is it you desire of me? I’m ready to give you the heathen for your inheritance, I will dig up the uttermost part for the best treasures, cause I’m with you always.
I’m no longer tied to the chains of death and hell I’m alive forevermore. Very soon I will come with many chariots to take you home, for you are my child and I’m your saviour, your father and your redeemer
I’m with you always and never forget that I love you.

Your Dad God.


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