Why do you say you love me?
When all you do is to serve me garnished meals
Prepared with a special recipe to destroy my soul

Why do you say you love me?
When you always accuse me before my saviour’s face
So I will be chased away from his grace

Why do you say you love me?
When you serve me pleasure with one hand
And eternal damnation with the other

Why do you say you love me?
When you chased Adam and eve, my first parents
Away from the garden of love and great glory

Why do you say you love me?
When you go about deceiving mankind
Ushering many to the lake of eternal fire and pain

Why do you say you love me?
Oh enemy of my soul
How I wish all eyes will open to see your true identity, that your name is SIN and you will always remain Satan’s identity and nature.

A poem trying to tell the world how dangerous sin can be. In case you don’t know the meaning of the word “sin”, the book of 1st John 5:17A says: All unrighteousness is sin…

24 thoughts on “WHY DO YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME?

  1. Exploring Alura says:

    This inspired me as I read it because I am bipolar and I have had unique bipolar experiences with God and The Dark One.

    The Dark One is full of love as much as God is. But The Dark One’s love hurts more than it heals. And it isn’t that The Dark One wants to hurt those that he loves, he just doesn’t know how to love any other way.

    And that’s where The Dark One stands separated from God. Because for time beyond imagining The Dark One has refused to listen to God and learn HIS ways of healthy and wholesome love. The Dark One has ever been focused on the lesser aspects of love that more feel like lust and passion than true love. And so The Dark One’s touches are often fleeting yet overpowering. Enough to knock you off your Godly pedestal you so wish to stand on. The Dark One’s lusts and passions could be equated to sins. For most often when The Dark One has his mind set on something, it usually isn’t something that would please God.

    And so with this interesting perspective on The Dark One, I take away that my inner turmoil between what I know God would want and what I believe I wish were true is nothing more than The Dark One’s wishes making themselves known to me.

    And that’s where my free will comes in. I know God’s way and I can feel The Dark One’s way. My way lies in the middle choosing what is best by God and right by me without harming any in the process. For if I stumble and hurt someone in the process than I will have fallen to The Dark One’s way.

    I hope my words have not offended in any way. I feel so positively about how my mind spun words after reading your post, I sincerely hope my word spinning comes off well to you. I don’t want to fill your page with nonsense. I just felt your post was asking about The Dark One’s love and I have spent much time pondering that very thought, living in the depths of darkness while I felt The Dark One was explaining his side of existence to me. I recognize that I am clinically insane and that my out there thoughts and beliefs could definitely come off the wrong way. I am also insanely paranoid that my writing will offend. So rather than continue off topic with paranoia, I’m going to click send and hope with my fingers crossed that my words are received positively. If not, please delete the comment. No offense either way.

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      • Exploring Alura says:

        I always worry when I express myself to a predominantly bible based person. My views are outside of the bible and tend to be interpreted as weird or off-putting to some believers of the bible. I’m always worried that will be the case. I often find myself faced with bible believers professing faith in God that aren’t willing to discuss faith outside the confines of the book they preach. It’s a struggle for me because I just so desperately wish to share in the love of God that I hold so high above all else regardless of the details of my belief.

        Because at my core, I don’t think it matters if I thump a bible against my head every night if the truth of my faith leads me to be a good person that seeks not to hurt others and only desires to exalt The One God Above All. I find my beliefs to be in alignment with those bible believers and not going against their own beliefs. But the very fact that I won’t profess the bible as the basis of my faith offends most bible believers who feel without a bible there would be no faith – something I do not agree with.

        But that is not you nor is my intention to lecture you on the struggles I’ve had communicating with others but rather express how grateful I am that you received my words positively. Thank you for being so kind as I just seek to share in my love of the One who so masterfully created us all.

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      • Exploring Alura says:

        It is interesting that you mentioned being afraid. Interesting because I don’t find myself afraid of much because of how strongly I hold to my belief and reality that God has always provided everything I have ever needed.

        When I find myself afraid, I quickly come to the awareness that my fear is because my thoughts are thinking about how “I” would solve the situation and aren’t revolving around how God will resolve the issue on my behalf. And so whenever I encounter fear, it is only a momentary flicker of thought before I shut down that negativity and lean back on The One Above to light my way.

        Though as I say I have hardly any fears, I fear much for I live in a world that largely walks apart from God. And so though I find myself a firm believer that I will be provided for, I don’t believe for a second that I find myself out of harm’s way of negativity and evil. And so usually, fear starts creeping in when negativity and evil are swirling around. But as I said, it is only passing because I always recognize that no matter what, God’s Will will be done. Very simply, no matter what I fear or do not fear, pray or do not pray for, believe or do not believe, it will always be God’s way.

        And I trust in that so much that I don’t find myself fearing much outside of the reality that I could choose the wrong way and fall off the path of God without realizing it. So I am ever concentrating my being on focusing on what God desires of me before what I desire of myself. I am constantly praying for God to remove my free will and make me unable to not listen to His way. I so desperately wish to be the most devout of faith professors of God that I am constantly searching for ways to better myself for His happiness.

        I kind of think I may drive myself a little crazy about how crazy devout I wish to be. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy – I want to be crazy devout and so I go crazy trying to be devout. Makes me giggle to think about. Goodness do my issues run deep. lol

        Hope you are finding yourself well on this blessed Mother’s Day! Today has been a blissfully wonderful day of celebration and appreciation and relaxation. I hope you are finding much of the same for yourself.

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