When I sit by myself at times, I will always remember how I grew up. Mother struggled to train me to school, cause her divorcee husband never cared a bit. She had an endowment of beauty and curves that could glue everyone’s eyes on her great body, but I could not understand why she and father couldn’t live together. It wasn’t easy as a single mother, so when I was ten she got married to another man, and called me by the side one evening, I can’t seem to forget how she repeatedly said: your new dad is going to treat us well, just be nice to him. I was overwhelmed with joy as i realized that my dream of a perfect family is set, and the mockery from my friends will end. I was also ready to obey and to be a good child to him, but too bad it all became a nightmare, the day my step-dad started making sexual advances at me. Mum always travelled for business purposes, and will leave me for my “step-dad”. He Threatened me with death threats in a dark room, I felt every piece of me crumbling and but with time I began to get used to it, even though my cervix gave me so much pain in return. My step-dad abused my integrity and I lived with so much fear and anger till I was 18. As soon as I became a young adult, I ran away from home cause I saw no reason to remain since my mom will rather believe her wonderful husband instead of me, she felt I just didn’t like him. So I moved to the streets, and I became part of the streets. And today I’m still in the streets, but not hustling for survival this time, instead I’m fighting. I’m fighting for those molested, abused children out there. I’m fighting to give them a voice and to make them conquer the fear that once ate me up. I’m fighting to put behind bars those who wear angelic garments while they chose to destroy the future of helpless children in the dark. The day I received my bachelor’s degree in human right law, I knew the battle line was drawn, and I know I’m not alone in this fight. For my mom, she soon discovered I was right after she employed a young female house help, she hasn’t ceased to plead for my forgiveness. Although I have forgiven her but I chose to live and fight for the future of the helpless because it’s what I live for.


A fictional story

25 thoughts on “WHAT I LIVE FOR.

  1. ashokwahi says:

    That is the beauty of life. Opposites coexist. Our parents were divine. Father was filled with wisdom and care and our mother was pure love. Canโ€™t thank God enough.
    My heart goes out to you and the likes of you.
    You are doing a great job. All the very best

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  2. CattleCapers says:

    Very sad. This happens far too frequently. Thank God I had a great dad who never hit or abused me sexually. Forgiveness is, indeed, the greatest healing balm.

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  3. bigskybuckeye says:

    Your story hits home in many ways. As a father of three amazing daughters, I can never imagine treating them in such a savage, uncaring manner. Yet, I understand that there are men who act as barbarians with females. I will be blogging some other posts in a few days to bring additional light on this subject of child abuse and molestation.

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  4. Dragthepen says:

    Wow. What a powerful story. I thank you for sharing. I thank you for bringing to the surface a subject that should be talked about. Too many children are suffering because of abuse in their homes.

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