She’s drowning in her sins

Her poor soul too weak to breathe

She rested on the shores of the ocean of sin

Cause flatteries and pleasures took over her secret

And Chased away the lover of her soul

The fire that once burned became as ice

And the altar of prayer turned very quiet and dusty

Quickly she dived into the ocean of lies and sin

To join the sea heads of the lost

Backsliding pulled her gradually

Like a slow ravaging disease

And slowly she drowned unknowingly

Overwhelmed by the pleasures of sin

I never knew she could forget her one time visit to Calvary

And the three nails of crucifixion and pain

Where she poured out many tears of repentance

She’s drowning and dinning in the ocean of sin

Loving the things she once bid farewell

But she realised it was all a fantasy

Only when the waters got to chambers of her heart

Choking the Holy Spirit to departure

She’s deserted and left to condemnation

Cause she’s trending the path of abomination

She is drowning in her sins

Wish she will realize her mistake

And take her saviour’s hand

For she’s drowning in her sins

Heading towards the broad way of death

Oh ye careless soul take heed to your soul

So you will not be dammed to destruction

Forever drowning in your sins

©Success Aisagbonbu

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