According to the Oxford living Dictionaries, a child means; “A young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of maturity

A child is a new person that is still learning the dos and don’ts of the society.

Advancement in technology have brought several questions on how the child will adapt or survive the age.

It’s very vital to answer the questions without delay using the following points;

GODLINESS: Parents should show their child or children the way of God how to follow the living God faithfully in their childhood. They should be able to tell the child the testimonies of the Lord’s doing in the past. A child should understand that God love him and is the reason why he or she is alive. They should be taught they full existence and God’s reality and how to acknowledge, honor depend and appreciate God in their lives through prayers and working for God.

PARTIAL NUDITY: Parents should not expose their nakedness before the child irrespective of their ages. For instance, bathing with the child. Remember, their eyes and brain is functional. For this reason, sexual activities to include; sex, kisses, romantic expressions, even breastfeeding must be done privately and maturely.

ROLE MODEL: The good character must be demonstrated by the parents before it can be transferred to the child. Children believed that whatever their parents are doing are right best and it’s final.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The social media influence this days can’t be overemphasized. It’s the duty of the parents to ensure that their child is not been carried away by the activities, pollutions or deceit of the social media. The importance of the social media should not be revealed to the child before 15 years. They should limit their children internet access especially when it’s not inline with their school assignments, studies or research. Parents should be selective while choosing the games and movies for their child.

FREEDOM: It’s very dangerous to give freedom to children in the digital age. Living in their school hostels is an outright freedom to a child. 50% of children learn evil and immoralities in their school hostels due to individual differences in schools. Therefore, children should not be far from their parents unless they’re in school, Church or extra moral classes. On the other hand, no child should be allowed to be idle or alone.

PEER GROUP: Parents should approve other children visiting their child and despite the approval Parents should still be monitoring their children friends. Their discussions, playing material, debates, actions are not left out. But it’s also pretty good when the parents of both children are like minds.

OUTFIT DRESSES: The age of technology and social media have caused more harm than good in terms of dressing. So, parents should start this training in time to avoid the cry of “had I known” Make ups, and indecent dresses should not be tolerated. It’s a welcome idea to teach the child that Make ups and seductive dresses are unimportant. What your children are wearing constituted their life style, first impression and their future. They should be taught that nakedness or nudity is a taboo and a punishable offense. Therefore, the fear you created with this things will determine It’s adoption and compliance.

PAMPERING: Children cherish every environment where they are being pampered. This should not be over done owing to the challenges of the future. You should constantly tell your child all the truth about life. Let them know that you will not be with them forever. Love and care should be enjoy by every child.

Do you know that You’re the mistake of your child if he or she make any mistake?

Thanks for reading!


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