Childhood Scars: the breaking down of a child

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Dear Readers and Viewers, I have discovered that the negative words and action that were done to some of us as children have had an impact on how we view who we are. What is important to understand is that childhood scares get buried under all the other negative experiences until some triggers  a memory and takes you back to that time in our life when we didn’t feel safe or love. My goal in sharing my story is that people will stop judging and insisting that we ” get over it and let go” instead start a dialogue that will  lead to a new path of healing. Thank you for watching. Please support me by subscribing to my You Tube channel: Conversation with J. R. Floyd

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2 thoughts on “Childhood Scars: the breaking down of a child

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    My biggest trigger is probably watching a parent belittle or slap a child in a public place. Once I saw a mother in a parking lot fussing so loud at her very young daughter for having tangles in her hair. Then she started brusing her hair so hard that she almost knocked her child over on the hot cement of the parking lot. I had to hold myself back as my initial impulse was to scream at this person. My mother brushed my hair like that every day for years. I agree with you. We can put our energy in positive places but abuse is not easily forgotten. Thank you for sharing.

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