Beauty: Several research shows that many people marries because of the beauty of a woman or the man, ranging from; the height, seize, facial expressions, skin, boob size or hips. Remember, beauty does not last.

Perfection It’s not an armchair conclusions to say that no one is perfect! Everyone have his or her shortcomings only depending on God for perfection. So, you might be disappointed if the reverse is the case. Instead, marry a kind, humble, quiet and a God fearing person.

Wealth; This is rampant nowadays when someone will be making inquiries or investigations of family background or bank accounts of their marriage proposals before engagement. Money is good, according to the Bible it answers all things and in the other way round, the root of all evil.

Social status; Academic qualifications, prowess and affluents are good but let it not be a yardstick for your engagement as this has nothing to do with your heavenly race as a Christian.

Church saint; Many people claim or pretends to be a Christian just to get some one they like (not love). So, we have mixed multitude in our churches today who are only believers or children of God in the church to achieve their goals. A good number of these kinds of people are very wicked and do not have respect and home training. So, it’s a kind of marriage proposal to your enemy.

So, pray for God to guide you in your Marriage proposals both (

men and women)


  1. Jim says:

    Good post. I could say I heard God when I was heading into my first marriage, but I wasn’t capable of good judgment enough and discernment to follow through with what I heard. After 37 years of marriage, it ended sadly. I have since remarried to a woman God ordained for me and for the last ten years it has shown me daily what a true marriage is like. All you have said is true. Perhaps there are those your words will encourage to stop and listen for God to direct.

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  2. Vernon says:

    The truth is whoever you marry they going to have shortcomings.
    Your list touch on how shallow people’s thinking is on this matter.
    If you are willing to die to self daily marriage might be for you.
    But if you believe the marriage revolve around you, you will go from a spiritual awaking to a rude awaking real fast.

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    • Michael Ogazie says:

      Well said, everyone has his or her lapses depending on the person you married. But in all, God’s grace is still working in our various marriages even till now. Thanks for this great contribution and God bless.

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  3. Ultra says:

    I think people are choosing according to their preferences. I have friends and friends with broad horizons and clear minds, I value smart people.

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  4. lorac888890 says:

    We can be attractive, have money, be educated all through God. He never intended for any of us to suffer. It’s because of sin that has brought evil in this world. You have to be centered on God to understand these things. Take care now.

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    • Michael Ogazie says:

      I agree with you! Beauty, riches etc. are very good. But all should be done in a godly way and standard so that it won’t mar our relationship with God. Thank you so much for this amazing contribution.


  5. hmaxwell217 says:

    beauty may not be everything,yet you often hear how someone fell in love at first sight. I assure you they did not look at the person and say, huuummmm I bet she has a brilliant mind.” Looks matter at first.

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