I am a freeborn
I am no longer tied to the chains of darkness
My debt he paid on Calvary’s tree
With his precious blood
I am a freeborn
Created in his image and likeness
I am a freeborn
Free and loosed from the taskmasters of sin

His precious blood took away
The guilt and scars of sin and evil
I am freeborn
My father is the king of kings
He conquered death
And he collected the key of death and hell forever
Giving me the power over principalities and powers

I am a freeborn
Cause he said it is finished
On the cross of Calvary
I am a freeborn
My father lives and abides forever
Cause last time I checked his tomb remains empty
My sickness and poverty he nailed to the cross
Replacing it with good health and riches
I am a freeborn and so are you
Cause Jesus Christ has set us free.

Happy resurrection Sunday friends

©Success Aisagbonbu

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